13:31 | March 27, 2016


OMP_4037New looks 20161-005OMP_4017OMP_4040OMP_4073New looks 20161-006OMP_4033OMP_4021


Hello babes. I’m listening to old school r&b and hiphop and working. It was way much better in the 90’s and beginning of 2000, dont you agree? This song is old, but oh so so gold (click here). Anyway I’m getting some snapchats from Oscar and feeling jealous because he is exploring the city León and I’m sitting in my cave working, mailing, drinking ginger tea and singing. I was supposed to go to the W hotel brunch today but I got stressed when I saw my to-do list and decided to stay home instead. I’ve been really productive these days, well I have no choice because we are going to Morocco in less than one week and I have to do a lot of boring stuff before that. I hope that you’ve had a nice weekend, maybe some of you are celebrating easter then – Happy easter! Love, N


Hej finisar! Jag sitter och lyssnar på old school r&b och hiphop samtidigt som jag jobbar. Musiken var så mycket bättre på 90-talet, början på 2000-talet, håller ni inte med? Den här sången är guld! Hur som haver Oscar håller på att skicka massa snapchats till mig och jag känner mig en aning avundsjuk att han utforskar staden Leon då jag sitter i en grotta och jobbar, mailar, dricker te och sjunger hehe. Tanken var att jag skulle till brunchen på hotell W idag men när jag fick se min to-do lista blev jag stressad så stannade hemma istället idag. Jag har varit väldigt produktiv de dagarna, inte för att jag har något val då vi ska till Marocko men har massa tråkiga saker att gå igenom innan vi kan åka iväg. Hoppas att ni haft en riktigt bra helg och glad påsk! Love, N 

10:57 | March 26, 2016


Barcelona Guide,Training & Food

Some days ago me and Oscar went on a date in Barcelona and we wanted to try something new. As always Oscar checks trip advisor and we ended up here – and I LOVED IT. The restaurant is called Vegetalia and it’s located in El Born. The food was delicious and everything was vegan/vegetarian. The only “bad” thing was that the first plates where so big both of us where looking at eachother like “oh no” when we finished the nachos and soya nuggets haha. It’s one of my new favourite restaurants in Barcelona and we are definitely going back. Now I’m going to buy presents for my nieces in Sweden since I’m going there in April. I looove to buy clothes for them but I don’t want to seem like the “boring auntie” so I will try to find some fun toys. They are 4 and 2,5 years old. I don’t know if I’ve told you this but they are named after cars. Aston & Elise, I guess you can guess Aston Martin but Elise is from Lotus Elise which is my brothers favourite car, well one of them. I hope they will have a third child soon..what will it be? Maybe Volvo representing Sweden? No I’m just kidding. I actually love the name Mercedes and Austin. Ok I love how I started this post about a vegetarian restaurant talking about names from cars. Have a nice Saturday! Love, N <3

11:41 | March 25, 2016


By Oscar Minyo,Inspiration,Outfits By: EMITAZ

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Shoes: Au Revoir Cinderella (Jeffrey Campbell) // Shorts: Levi’s // T-shirt: H&M // Sunglasses: Double Agent

Hello babes! I’m going to Barcelona soon to meet Dina, it’s holiday here so everything is preeetty boring. I’ve worked the whole morning and I went to the gym after that. I’m not feeling bad for not going to Oviedo because I didn’t realize how much I had to go through and I’m not even done yet. I have to send around 10 mails and book some plane tickets these days. A really delicious recipe will come up tomorrow, probably the best I’ve ever done hehe. I’m so used making for two persons since I always make for Oscar as well so I have a lot more to eat later tonight. We took these pictures last week and I absolutely love them, I love the raw, dusty, a bit Texas feeling over them. What do you think? Love, N <3


Hej finisar! Jag ska åka in till Barcelona för att möta upp Dina, det är röd dag här så allt är rätt tråkigt. Jag har jobbat hela morgonen och efter det gick jag till gymmet. Nu mår jag inte så jätte dåligt över att jag inte följde med Oscar till Oviedo för jag har så sjukt mycket att gå igenom och jag är inte i närheten av att vara klar med mailen, måste även boka flygbiljetter. Ett riktigt gott recept kommer upp imorgon, det bästa jag någonsin gjort hehe. Är så van att göra frukost till två personer så nu har jag en hel del att äta senare ikväll också. Vi tog de här bilderna förra veckan och jag älskar de, lite Texas-känsla över de. Vad tycke ni? Love, N <3

15:10 | March 24, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_4959OMP_4957New looks 20161-001OMP_5027OMP_4929OMP_4924Shoes: Double Agent // Pants: Pull&Bear // Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Top: Pull&Bear // Bag: ZaraOMP_4988

The other day in Torredembarra

When we are in Vilanova we normally do small road trips to the neighbour cities. Torredembarra is a city that is very special to me since I spent a lot of time there during summer 2013 with Oscar. We had so much fun during those days/weeks and it was one of my best summers ever, I get so happy just thinking about it. Anyway today I’ve cleaned like never before haha..The whole freaking day just cleaning! Now I’m sitting here with some mails to go through and then I’m maybe off to the gym again. I can’t work if it’s messy or dirty around me..is anyone the same haha? Oscar has been away for 1 day and I’m already missing him hehe. I really wanted to go to Oviedo (north of Spain) as well, he is there visiting his brother. Maybe you already know if you follow him on Snapchat (oscarminyo). But I had to much things to go through this week and I would just be so stressed going there and not being able to enjoy at all. It really sucks but we are going to Morocco as well in 2 weeks so I have to fix all these things before. I will answer all your comments soon! Love, N