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– Write down your ideas. When you write down your ideas other ideas can easily pop up in your head and sometimes those ideas can be really amazing!

– Set up goals. Big goals or small goals. Having goals is something I think is important for every person, no matter the age. It keeps us motivated and driven and it gives us the push we need as well.

– Change your mindset. You need to stop thinking that you can not and instead believe in the fact that you actually CAN. Having a negative mind will not take you anywhere. It can only bring more negativity.

– Vision board. Having a vision board with pictures of  the things we want to achieve in life can be really helpful on a bad day. Seeing the vision board before working or studying gets me – at least – very motivated!

– Surround yourself with people that has goals in life. Very often we are driven to the same kind of people as us, but sometimes we are not so lucky. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that are working, people who inspire you in some way, who has dreams and wants to be successful. Because that will also motivate you to work harder in your own field. I’m lucky to have many young hard working women and men around me with big goals and I get a lot of my inspiration from them. You can get inspired even if the person is not working or studying the same thing as you. For example I was very impressed by my brother and his wife when I was younger and I still am nowadays. I just saw them striking goal after goal together and that’s something that I will always carry with me.

– Ignore the past. Something that many people does wrong is thinking about “how bad it went in the past”. You can’t focus on the fact that you failed a big exam 3 years ago or that you didn’t get a job last summer that you hoped for. I used to be so negative and scared and I focussed way too much on the past. But we are living in the present and what matters is now. Life has so much to offer you, you just have to get out there and get it! Blaming it on something that went wrong in the past should not control you now.

– Don’t let anyone stop you. When you have an idea many people will tell you their opinions. It’s always important to listen, but it’s more important to follow your heart. So if it’s what you feel for, and you are sure about it: go for it.

– Use a notebook. Sometimes I get ideas while sitting in the train, bus or whatever and then I just write it down fast because we all know that thing: “oh I will remember that”, and then you totally forget it haha. I would rather a small notebook that I can have in any type of bag.

– Get up from the sofa. No one gets good grades by sitting on the sofa the whole day thinking about how hard a subject is. No one gets a job by sitting on the sofa. No one will go to that audition and get that role for you or whatever it is that you want to do with your life. No one becomes a camera pro in just one day. You have to practise and work hard in order to get it. YOU have to go out and break all the obstacles!

No matter what projects, work or education you are in, I think that these tips really can help anyone. These were tips that I use on my daily basis to keep going. I hope you liked it AND if you have some tips feel free to share them here, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read them and get inspired by them. <3 Love, N

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  1. VikaDrita on

    Oh, I loved this post! These tips really help, especially those one about successful people. My tip is to do something for your dream every day. It can be so small like just read about the university you want to go to or make at least one photo a day if you want to improve your photography skill. It helps to always remember about your goal and keeps motivated.
    Love you :3

  2. Kajol on

    Wow I so needed to read this. I actually have a test tmr and unfortunately I have been very unmotivated and out of focus lately. I haven’t been able to study everything and have given up. I think it has a lot to do with not doing what i love but i dont really have a choice right now. But yiu gave me hope again, i have actually given up anf thought that i would read your blog and sleep haha. I love the tips, I cant thank you enough for them. You are soo inspirationAl to me.

  3. Syl on

    I love this picture, you are like “what’s you lookin at bitch?!” hahah really nice.
    Now about the post it was great . I usually study-work out-sleep-repeat every day (3d year of medical school gives u a zombie life)[ok i’m 21 so i go out too i’m a human!but really stressed out]. I also have a long distance relationship so there are many days that i am ms.Negativity. So, the post was food for thought about how i see some things (thank you).

    P.S. Now that i’ve mentioned food, big fan of your blueberry pancakes!

  4. prasha on

    I’ve actually been inspired a lot by you! Reading wasn’t my best interest, but I read your favorite book “Dessert Flower” which I absolutely loved! and now all I want to do is read loads! Your tips are so useful! xxx

  5. Lucie Yves on

    Thankyou for that inspiring post. It´s so nice to read about your thoughts and it makes me really happy that people in the world thinks like that! 🙂

  6. Ana Tofan on

    thank you for this post. it is really motivational! I am about to write all the tips down and read them whenever I need motivation ! Thank you again!
    P.S. you do a really good job with your blog

  7. Léa on

    Hi Emitaz !
    Writing to you from France !
    Actually, I am like you with mixed origins : half french, half Pakistani (eurasian power) !
    I also have a lotus flower on the back haha…

    Anyway, I have written a list of the 30 things I want to do in my life (my “life list”), and goals I want to achieve.
    I have to get at least 1 thing done each year.
    The last one of 2015 was “taking care of animals in Asia”
    > I have spent 1 week end Thailand to rescue injured elephants, mission accomplished !

    The next one for 2016 is probably to go to India and get closer to my roots…

    Thanks for this blog, your lifestyle is pure and full of love, I love it !
    If you want to see a bit of my world, I am @wander_lotus on instagram !

    Bye !

  8. Rita on

    Loved the post!

    I need to complete my 10 000 word thesis and then my dream is to move from London (I moved here from Finland, but originally I’m Kurdish, so I can relate to your mixed nordic background) to Amsterdam and study Migration and Refugee Law 😉

  9. Noovernightguests on

    Love the post especially the name. I especially relate to the change your mindset tip, as soon as I get past the what if… moment really wonderful things happen.


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