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– Make a list with all the important things you have to take with you. This is so important for me, if I don’t make a list I always forget something. And when you are packing things down make sure to cross it from the list. Some things that are important for me are my lenses, the liquid for my lenses (I forgot this when I was in Zanzibar and it was HELL) they couldn’t find it anywhere on the island. I was so desperate that I walked around asking people on the hotel haha, never again!! Birth control pills, razor, 2 bikinis , sun cream, make up, hat, sunglasses, a pair of shorts and a top, comfortable shoes, headphones,  flip flops, passport, camera, computer, and all the chargers.


I would probably cry if I forgot our camera haha, it’s so nice to create memories with it.

– Put your most important things in the hand luggade. I always make sure to put at least 2 pair of underwear, my makeup, bikini, birth control pills,  sunglasses a pair of shorts and 3 tops there just incase the other luggade would be missing for some days. And the computer and camera ofcorse.


– Pack the day before so that you can have a calm morning! You should start this vacation in peace not stress. Use your list and see what you have crossed, maybe you missed something there.

OMP_1085-2– Buy a guide book or collect facts on the internet where to go in the country you are visitng. Me and Oscar always looks up all the adventures and places we want to visit before we go somewhere. We create a plan depending on the things we want to visit. The Sri-Lanka plan was made like 1 month before we event went haha. We went backpacking and that needs a lot of planning hehe…Ok we were just excited.


– Get to know the culture and make friends! It’s not fun to come home and tell the people what a nice beach you have been in for 2 weeks..I mean I love the beach and if there is a beach I want to spend time there, but maybe not for 2 weeks. I also want to see how the country is like. What’s fun is the adventures, the meetings with other people, maybe learning about new food, religion and most important talk with the locals! You also have to be a bit careful with the camera. For example in Zanzibar some of the locals where really scared of the camera, and then we heard that some people believed in that the camera stole the soul from youe body if you got photographed. So always make sure to ask if it’s ok first.


As I said, make friends with the locals 😉 Me & Mage Raterang in Sri-Lanka , I miss her ♥

A bit little bit of mixed tips but I hope you liked it!  What’s your best travel tips? ♥ Love, N 

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    • EmitazAdmin on

      We have one of these (don’t know what it’s called) that you can put in any wall haha!! Freaking best thing ever 😀 Forgot to mention that though..Thank you I will add it!! <3

  1. B on


    I love your blog!

    Off topic question- Do you have any book recommendations? I really want to start reading again :/

    and 2nd question- Do you speak Spanich? Do you talk in English with Oscar?

    Thanks xxxx

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Yes I have!
      It depends on what kind of books you like? <3
      I understand a lot of spanish and I speak a bit, with Oscar I speak english though haha ;P
      Love, N

  2. Angelica on

    I loved this post ! It’s going to be super useful for me since i am going to New York for two month ! It’s totally crazy i can’t believe i am going to be with out my mom for 2 month but i am freaking excited for this !

    Lot of love from Paris for you an Oscar ! :*


  3. Dirk on

    Fantastic… that’s just why your blog is so great. Amazing pictures, recognizable situations, nice and funny stories, very very usefull tips (thanks again for showing me Massimo Dutti… jaja, I like this style), allways a positive mindset and lots of humor (every time you make me smile again). You have it all girl!!! (and the same applies to Oscar ofcourse, he’s just the right guy)… Your blog is really giving me a good feeling. No wonder, you are such a cute and lovely couple… pure beauty as well from the outside as from the inside and enjoying life for a 100%! And still you allways take the time to write back to all of your followers… Unbelievable amazing! <3

  4. Linnea on

    Skulle du kunna lägga upp ett inlägg med tips om Sri lanka? Jag är här nu och ska vara här ca 1 mån och du kanske sitter på några guldkorn. Vill gärna bort från turiststråken 😉

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hej fina! Ja absolut 🙂 Har tänkt på det väldigt länge nu så det får bli snart då du är där redan haha!
      kram <3


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