20:32 | March 31, 2016



OMP_4473Sunset in Torredembarra <3OMP_3725If I cheat..it’s with Churros 😉INSTAAA-003Relaxing day in Castelldefels & sunset in Vilanova.OMP_4440Me & my free spirit <3IMG_0450Love her, Dina <3IMG_0377Palms palms palmsOMP_5090-2TorredembarraIMG_0454Cafe Buho, one of my favourite spots in Barcelona.OMP_4737-2<3


Hey guys! Oscar just made a yummy salad and I’m sitting infront of the computer eating. We went and bought presents for my niece and nephew in Sweden before. My little girl (my niece) is turning 4 in two weeks!! I can’t believe that time is going so fast, it feels like yesterday I used to babysit her..hard to believe that she was just 8-9 months when I took care of her, she felt so big back then haha! I will really try to post some more pictures from my daily life, I will like I suck a bit on that. Love, N


Hej finisar! Oscar har precis gjort en god sallad och jag sitter framför datorn och kÀkar. Tidigare idag var vi ivÀg och köpte presenter till min brorsdotter. Hon fyller hela 4 Är om tvÄ veckor!! Kan inte förstÄ att tiden gÄtt sÄ snabbt, det kÀnns som att jag passade en 9 mÄnader gammal bebis igÄr. Hon kÀndes ju sÄ himla stor dÄ haha! Jag ska försöka lÀgga upp fler bilder frÄn min vardag, kÀnns inte alls som att jag Àr sÄ bra pÄ det. Love, N

15:27 | March 30, 2016


Interior Inspiration2-004Interior Inspiration2-004


Yesterday night we made dinner at Oscars parents house and went through the apartment we are moving to. Since it’s a big project that we are doing everything has to be 100% sure. It also feels good to get ideas from other people. We sat for around 2 hours and figured out what to do with the kitchen and then we finally came to a idea that all of us liked. We will have the living room and kitchen connected and a big dining table for the minimum of 10 people. We have changed our minds for around 100 times and it felt like we we not going anywhere for a while but now everything is more or less decided!! I’m so so so excited, it’s definitely one of the funniest projects I’ve ever done so far. Interior is something I’m really passionated about. Today we’ve just been strolling around in Barcelona, I went to Subdued as well to pick up some stuff and after that I met up Oscar to eat lunch at Tenorio which was amazing! I had salmon and a salad. Love, N


IgÄr lagade vi middag med Oscars förÀldrar och gick igenom hela lÀgenheten som vi snart ska flytta till. DÄ det Àr ett stort projekt vill vi vara 100% sÀkra med allt. Det kÀnns ocksÄ bra att fÄ ideer och Äsikter frÄn andra personer. Vi satt runt 2 timmar och klurade pÄ vad vi skulle göra med köket men tillslut var vi alla eniga med vad som var bÀst och mest praktiskt. Jag tror vi har Àndrat oss över 100 gÄnger men nu sÄ kÀnns allting mer klart. VÄrt kök och vardagsrum kommer att sitta ihop och vi kommer att ha ett stort matbord för minst 10 personer. Jag ser sÄ fram emot det hÀr projektet och det Àr nog ett av de roligaste sakerna jag nÄgonsin fÄtt göra! Jag Àlskar inredning sÄ jag tycker verkligen att det Àr sÄÄÄ kul att fÄ skissa och pilla med lÀgenheten! Idag har vi bara strosat runt pÄ stan, jag plockade upp lite saker frÄn Subdued och efter det mötte jag upp Oscar för lunch pÄ Tenorio, sÄ sjukt gott! Love, N

11:48 | March 29, 2016



– Write down your ideas. When you write down your ideas other ideas can easily pop up in your head and sometimes those ideas can be really amazing!

– Set up goals. Big goals or small goals. Having goals is something I think is important for every person, no matter the age. It keeps us motivated and driven and it gives us the push we need as well.

– Change your mindset. You need to stop thinking that you can not and instead believe in the fact that you actually CAN. Having a negative mind will not take you anywhere. It can only bring more negativity.

– Vision board. Having a vision board with pictures of  the things we want to achieve in life can be really helpful on a bad day. Seeing the vision board before working or studying gets me – at least – very motivated!

– Surround yourself with people that has goals in life. Very often we are driven to the same kind of people as us, but sometimes we are not so lucky. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that are working, people who inspire you in some way, who has dreams and wants to be successful. Because that will also motivate you to work harder in your own field. I’m lucky to have many young hard working women and men around me with big goals and I get a lot of my inspiration from them. You can get inspired even if the person is not working or studying the same thing as you. For example I was very impressed by my brother and his wife when I was younger and I still am nowadays. I just saw them striking goal after goal together and that’s something that I will always carry with me.

– Ignore the past. Something that many people does wrong is thinking about “how bad it went in the past”. You can’t focus on the fact that you failed a big exam 3 years ago or that you didn’t get a job last summer that you hoped for. I used to be so negative and scared and I focussed way too much on the past. But we are living in the present and what matters is now. Life has so much to offer you, you just have to get out there and get it! Blaming it on something that went wrong in the past should not control you now.

– Don’t let anyone stop you. When you have an idea many people will tell you their opinions. It’s always important to listen, but it’s more important to follow your heart. So if it’s what you feel for, and you are sure about it: go for it.

– Use a notebook. Sometimes I get ideas while sitting in the train, bus or whatever and then I just write it down fast because we all know that thing: “oh I will remember that”, and then you totally forget it haha. I would rather a small notebook that I can have in any type of bag.

– Get up from the sofa. No one gets good grades by sitting on the sofa the whole day thinking about how hard a subject is. No one gets a job by sitting on the sofa. No one will go to that audition and get that role for you or whatever it is that you want to do with your life. No one becomes a camera pro in just one day. You have to practise and work hard in order to get it. YOU have to go out and break all the obstacles!

No matter what projects, work or education you are in, I think that these tips really can help anyone. These were tips that I use on my daily basis to keep going. I hope you liked it AND if you have some tips feel free to share them here, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read them and get inspired by them. <3 Love, N

14:03 | March 28, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Leggings: H&M // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Jacket: H&M // Bag: Stradivarius // Shirt: Gina Tricot // Sunglasses: Mr Boho


A quick look from the other week. Very comfortable but stylish.In just 6 days we are off to Morocco and I have to pack these two days since I’m going to Madrid for a job with LoreĂĄl. I’m really excited for it! Last time I had to speak in Spanish haha..so let’s hope I can skip it this time. Oscar is finally coming home today wihooo..Missed him so much even though he has only been away for 5 days. I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee and start cleaning up a bit. Been planing some looks for Morocco and now the clothes are everywhere hehe. Love, N <3


En outfit frÄn förra veckan. En vÀldigt bekvÀm men stilren look. Om bara 6 dagar ska vi till Marocko sÄ jag mÄste packa de hÀr tvÄ dagarna dÄ jag ska till Madrid för ett jobb med Loréal. Ser verkligen fram emot det! Sist behövde jag dock prata pÄ spanska sÄ vi fÄr se hur det gÄr haha..Oscar kommer hem idag wihoo!! Saknat honom sÄ mycket trots att han bara varit borta i 5 dagar hehe. Nu ska jag göra kaffe och stÀda lite. Har planerat lite looks för för Marocko sÄ nu ligger det klÀder överallt. Love,N <3

16:37 | March 27, 2016


Training & Food


You need: Coconut milk, frozen pieces of mango, cinnamon, almond butter, strawberries, banana, protein powder (vanilla flavour), and raspberries.

Topping: Strawberries, blueberries, Chia seeds, flax seeds, millet grains, sesam seeds, sunflower seeds (all these ecological)

Another smoothie bowl but this one was 100 times better than the other one I posted the other day. You have to try this one!! I was in heaven while I ate it, soooo so delicious! If you try this one you have to tell me hehe. Can’t wait to make this one for Oscar because I know he will love it. I’m going to eat this a lot now. It tasted like a creamy sweet yoghurt except that there was no diary products nor added sugar in the bowl. I made it once again today both for breakfast and as a dessert after lunch. I didn’t have any mango though and trust me it makes a big difference! These kind of smoothie bowls fits me perfect since I’m a candy,sugar junk food lover. It keeps me away from the bad habits since it tastes so freaking good. I’m having a no sugar goal for myself right now until the 14:th of April! I know exactly what I’m going to eat then, Swedish candy! Who’s with me? Love, N


En till smoothie bowl, men denna va 100 gĂ„nger godare Ă€n den andra. Ni mĂ„ste prova denna!! Jag var i himlen nĂ€r jag Ă„t den haha..sĂ„ himla god! Om ni testar detta receptet mĂ„ste ni berĂ€tta för mig. Jag ska lĂ€tt göra receptet för Oscar nĂ€r han kommer hem, vet att han kommer Ă€lska det! Ska Ă€ta detta ofta framöver. Det smakar som en krĂ€mig söt yoghurt trots att jag inte hade i nĂ„got socker eller nĂ„gon slags mjölkprodukt. Har gjort samma frukost tvĂ„ dagar i rad nu, Ă„t Ă€ven en till portion efter lunch. De hĂ€r smoothie skĂ„larna passar mig perfekt dĂ„ jag Ă€lskar sött och skrĂ€pmat. Det hĂ„ller mig borta frĂ„n det dĂ„liga och smakar sĂ„ otroligt gott. Jag har ett “inget socker pĂ„ en mĂ„nad” löfte med mig sjĂ€lv fram tills den 14:e april. Men dĂ„ ska jag unna mig nĂ„got – svenskt lösgodis! Är nĂ€mligen i Sverige dĂ„. Love, N