10:08 | February 3, 2016


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Hello babes. I woke up with cramps from hell..it’s that time of the month. Anyway today I’m going to Custo fashion show with a friend of mine later, I’m really looking forward to the show since I heard it was great last year. I have some photoshoots coming up as well this and next month, really excited says the girl that has eaten 100 donuts these 2 days haha. No, but thats what I need when I’m having PMS..A girl can’t help it. I hope you are having a good day. Outfit post will be up soon! Love, N ♥

10:47 | February 2, 2016




Hello babes! Last Saturday we had a brunch date at Flax & Kale. So freaking delicious..It’s definitely one of my favourite places here in Barcelona and we had such a great time with Aretha and Adri. You have to go and try it if you are in Barcelona! Anyway I’m really busy today and fashion week is in Barcelona. I will try to go to some of the shows these days! The camera will be with me ofcorse..Love, N