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So I get many questions about me everyday on the blog, but now I want to know more about YOU guys!! ♥ You don’t have to answer all the questions ofcorse, but I would be so happy if you could answer a few. I’m so curious about you as well! Can’t wait to read through these comments!! I forgot to add one question and it’s “how long have you been following me?”. Thank you!! Love, N


Jag får så många frågor om mi varje dag, men nu vill jag veta lite om er!! ♥ Ni behöver så klart inte svara på alla de här frågorna, men om ni vill svara på någon av de så hade jag blivit riktigt glad. Är nyfiken och vill gärna veta lite mer om er också! Längtar tills jag får läsa igenom de här kommentarerna, om ni är från Sverige så får ni gärna också berätta vilken stad ni är ifrån samt “hur länge har ni följt mig” då jag glömde att lägga till den frågan. Tack!! Massa kramar, N ♥

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  1. Sofía on

    Hey Natascha! I’m Zsófia from Budapest, Hungary and I’m 21. I already wrote some comments here on the blog, maybe you remember. 🙂 I found your instagram years ago, you posted a video when Oscar surprised you on your birthday back in Sweden! It literally made me cry! I’ve been following you since then and I can’t believe how far you’ve come! You’re a true inspiration and you deserve this and more! I love everythig about the blog, the outfits, travel posts (as I’m a travel addict myself :D) and interior posts but also that you share some personal things and we get to see a little bit of your everyday life! I think our style and personality is really similar maybe that’s also a reason why I like you so much 😀 I hope you’ll have an amazing year full of great adventures!
    I’m planning to live in Barcelona one day, I hope I will have the chance to meet you 🙂
    Have a nice day! Love ♥
    P.s.: Congrats to Oscar for finishing his studies! 🙂

  2. Lily on

    Hi Natascha, I’m from Croatia and I’m 23. I’m female and what I like most about your blog are your outfits, your personality, and your vacation pics! I found your blog when I saw your posts on instagram and first I was just finding inspiration on your instagram profile but now I really enjoy reading your blog posts. I am a travel lover so what I would like to see more are pictures of places you travel, and even though you already post a lot of those, I would like to see more, I can’t get enough. Lots of loveee <3

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello Lily <3
      Thank you so much! 🙂 I agree there is nothing in this world like travelling <3
      We are probably going somewhere now in March! 😀 I will tell you soon about it.

      Lots of love, Natascha <3

  3. Angelica on

    Hi Natascha ! I haven’t commented here for a while now !
    So let’s answer these few questions !
    1. I am from Paris and Portugal as well (I was born in paris but my parents are both portuguese so i’ve been raised like a portuguese at home and like a french at school !)
    2. I’ve just turned 20 last friday !
    3. I am currently in Paris, so in france, but i am moving in new york for my studies in a few weeks ! I’ll update everything on my blog, and i am beyond excited for this experience !
    4. Girl !
    5. The thing i like the most about your blog is the lifestyle way you turn everything ! It remind me a lot of swedish bloggers like Kenza Zouiten or Angelica Blick ! And the picture quality is insane ! (Congratulation to Oscar ! He does an amazing job !)
    6. Actually, i don’t remember where i find you !
    7. Anything in particular ! I really enjoy your content ! Maybe some tips on fitness, yoga, meditation, health, … all that kind of good stuff !

    Sending you lot of Love from Paris :*


    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello A, <3
      Then here comes a late happy birthday!! :)) No longer a teenager ;P
      Aw thank you these girls are amazing, what a honor! And yeees Oscar is the shit hehe..without him I would not be able to deliver these kind of pictures on the blog :)) By the way if we want to visit Portugal what city do you recommend? I have been in Lissabon some years ago.
      Thank you SO SO much! Lots of love, <3

      • Angelica on

        Hi again !
        I definitely recommend Lisbon again, this city have so much to offer ! You have the old little town, and the “new” part with all the cool malls and stuff ! And i suppose you and Oscar love football (yes thanks to snapchat !) so you have a bunch of teams there. Football is also a big thing in portugal ! Porto is also very beautiful ! If you have other questions i’ll be here to answer you, feel free to ask ! Lot of love, <3

  4. Lisa on

    Lisa, 20, Germany
    I found you through Instagram and have been following you for 6 months or so.. what I like most about your blog is probably how you present the outfits in the pictures.. You have a great layout with big pictures and that’s really great since other bloggers only have those small pictures!
    I would like to read more on the blog.
    besos <3

    • EmitazAdmin on

      That means a lot to me thank you! I have not been sure about the size of my pictures to be honest so when you wrote this it made me feel much better! 🙂 <3
      I will try to write more then, because another follower said the same! 😀
      Lots of love!!
      / Natascha

  5. maria on

    I am from colombia. But stay for a couple of months here in holland in the uni. I am 23 years old. What i like about your blog: The way you are. The way you connect with us. The way you are with your man. And how you Enjoy the emitaz life/ world. And ofcourse the style… I find your insta page for like a year now. Well i think i want to see more things like the inner beauty. Cause you are a beauty in the outside but also in the inside… Ps keep on the good emitaz life

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Muchas gracias guapa!! :)) That makes me so happy to read <3
      Love the good emitaz life sentence haha..Thank you so so much and I
      wish you the best luck with your university studies, work hard!! <3

      Un beso muy grande parta ti!! <3

  6. Sam the Swede on


    My nama is Samantha and I am from Sweden but currently lving and working in Glasgow, Scotland. I found your blog through a Barcelona forum on facebook haha 😛 My favourite posts are when we get to know you a bit more and get to know more about your day and thoughts. Your blog is a lot of pictures with little text and obviously I would want more text haha. What would be even more amazing is if you started posting videos where you do tags like “get to know me tag”, “my favourite beauty products” etc 🙂 Besos xx

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hej fina!
      Och antar att du kan svenska ;P Kommer att börja med videor väldigt snart!
      Både personliga men även videor som jag och Oscar kommer att skapa tillsammans :))
      Tusen tack för din kommentar!! Ska försöka skriva lite mer <3
      Massa kramar

  7. Ess on

    Hey Natasha! I’m a 23 years old girl from Bcn <3. What I like the most of your blog is that personal touch of you on every post. I don't think that's a feature you can find often in every blog. You don't just show cool pics, you also leave a part of you and specially on your writting. Anyways the photography is also a thing I love. The pictures u post have always that "artsy" touch. Normally fashion blogs about outfits get me bored but yours is special! Keep it on going, you're my favorite blogger! I found ur blog via instagram 🙂

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello Ess!
      Muchas gracias!! <3
      This means soooooo much to me :)) I'm sitting here with a big smile right now!!
      Un beso muy grande para ti <3

  8. Hannah on

    Jag bor i Sverige, är 27 år och ramlade in på din blogg av en slump förra veckan, tror det var genom instagram.. när man följer någon så kommer det upp förslag på andra personer att följa.. fastnade direkt och streck-läste hela bloggen xD gillar dina bilder, du är otroligt vacker.. och din kille är sjukt duktig på att fota. Väldigt inspirerande!

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Oh 🙂 Va glad jag blir!
      Tack snälla! Ja utan honom hade bloggen nog inte funkat lika bra haha ;P Han fotar nämligen 90& av allt på bloggen.
      Massa kramar!

  9. Flor on

    Me llamo Flor y soy una chica jajajaja, soy de república dominicana aunque vivo en españa desde que tenía 7 años, ahora tengo 16 años recién cumplidos jaja, te encontré gracias a un vídeo de dulcecineestudios (que soy muy fan de sus vídeos de inspiración etc…), ¿Lo que más me gusta de tu blog? Me da inspiración, tanto los looks (fashion) como tu relación con Oscar, los viajes, tu cercanía de contarnos lo que has echo (lifestyle) y las fotos son increíbles <3 Me gustaría que subieras más vídeos a youtube jajajaja creo que es una forma de conocerte mejor y no sé, estaría genial! Muucho amor <3

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hola Flor!!
      Gracias por tu comentario. Significa tanto para mí! Voy a hacer más videos muy pronto. Pero voy a hablar en Inglés espero que no haya problema.
      Un beso <3

  10. Emitazlover on

    Hi, I’m from Montenegro, female ,16yo.
    I like your outfits, your travel picture, your beauty. Idk how but I got opinion from your texts that you are veryvery good person, si I really love your blog. I like your love with Oscar and everything 😀
    I find it about 1year ago or less..on instagram . I loved your style and I was like OMG MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL EVER.
    I want to see more of your recipes, fitness advices , exercise videos (if its possible) your plans, your likes and dislikes about world, nature, fashion…
    love ya♥

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello dear!!
      Thank you soo much <3 hahahahahahha you made me laugh there so much, I don't think so but thank you SO much! <3
      I will make more recipes, but in video 😉 I hope that you will like it <3
      Love, N <3

  11. anna on

    Hi!! I just found u on instagram recently I really really obssesed with ur everything!! By the way I’m japanese girl. ur blog is my vibes!!
    love a lots♡♡

  12. Marta on

    Marta, 18, Poland
    To be honest, I did not know, how I found your blog. But I wonder,that I had found thanks the Instagram,when I was browsing it. I think, that I have been with you for 6 months.
    I admire you, your beautiful personality, fine features, great sense of style. Thank you for inspiring me to create my own style. I love watching you holidays photos, your outfits. I really want to see more post about your life, passions, give us some advice about fitness, yoga.
    Please do not change. Keep blogging 😉

  13. Vilma on

    Hej! I’m a 18-year-old girl from Finland and I found you on instagram about a year ago 🙂 I really like your blog cause it’s a good mix of fashion, travel, lifestyle and fitness. Also your pics are always so nice and inspiring! xx

  14. Irma on

    Hello, it’s me! (yap, still funny :D)
    22 y/o girl from Lithuania (Y) I found your blog on instagram, first, I was following your friend Skopljak and you were in a common picture, I thought you were beautiful and I started following you, so that’s the story.. ;D The things I like about your pics are your flawless body and style, keep going, I am gonna start a gym soon, coz I got inspired. So- thank you ;D
    Oh, I just wanted to ask: do you have enough privacy in your life as you are posting so much? I am just curious! Hope you can answer:P
    Best wishes!:P

    • EmitazAdmin on

      HAHAHA! Love how you started this comment :’D Totally me..
      Aw thank you!! <3 I post around 2% of my life to be honest. I mean I post my looks I tell you a bit about the day but it happens so much more than this I promise ;P For example my mother was here not long time ago and I never posted a picture of her, or Oscars parents, my brother and so on because I like to keep my family members private..Yes Oscar has to suffer a bit but I mean he was in my pictures before my Instagram was big you know? So people had already seen him..And you don't see our lazy evenings farting beside each other (joke) to the tv serie Suits eating pizza ;P I mean there are so many things I don't post about so no the privacy part is totally fine <3 But thank you for thinking about it dear!

      Sending you a lot of hugs!!
      Love, N <3

  15. Valentina on

    Hi Natascha!! I’m an Italian girl from Rome. I really love everything You do in this blog, it’s amazing and I like your outfits and ideas. They’re My inspirations! I found your blog by Instagram and i thought it was fantastic! I’d like to meet you because I think you’re a very good person. So please tell me if you come in Italy ahahaha
    Hope you read this, Thank you❤️

  16. Madeleine A on

    Hey! Girl, 23, Norway! currently living i Bergen, but from Oslo. Actually going to Barcelona in less then tree weeks 🙂 Would you post som tips on where to eat, shop, what is a must-see ect? Ive noticed that you have started to eat vegitarian/vegan. I do as well and will love it if you have any good secret spots to reveal! I found you on Instagram first and was inspired by youre pictues. I think you are lovely and i would like it if you post more about you on the blog! Who you are, what you like ect? I also loooove the travel posts.. i love to travel myself and get reeeally inspired 😀

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello Madelein!
      Yeay nice :)) My brother is from Norway!
      I will probably make a video about that 😉 But so long: Flax & Kale is my favourite vegan spot! I’m not 100% vegan/vegetarian. But I try to eat at least 4-5 times in a week! But i feel SO MUCH better! It’s crazy, I’m having so much more energy :)) So I’m happy I tried this lifestyle and also it’s important for the planet. (I recommend you Cowspiracy) if you have not seen it :)) Thank you so much!!
      Lots of love! Klem klem..Tror man säger så på norska haha?
      <3 <3

  17. Marta on

    I’m Marta from Poland and I’m almost 22.
    I don’t really remember where I found You! I bet it was instagram at first. I fall in love with u! heheh 😀 You are so pretty and beautiful !!!!! Anyway I found you when I have started my long distance relationship with catalan(bcn) boyfriend…Ehhh… BUT you gave me hope that it can success, even work quite good! So we are a couple a bit more than 1,5 year and he is going to move to Poland in 15 days !!! yeeeeeah 😉 So Oscar and you were a huge motivation and inspiration in the same time. Thank you guys a lot for that!
    I love to follow your travels, check your outfits and good pictures, great vibes and energy!
    I comment sometimes here or on insta 🙂 I wish I could meet u one day on the street in Barcelona and for sure I will say HI!

    hugs :*

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Ohhhh :)) I get so sooooo happy when I read this!
      Keep on fighting – it will be worth it in the end I promise!
      I wish you the best of luck! And thank you for the sweet comment.
      Yes if you see me say hello, it makes me so happy even if Im a bit shy!! 😀
      Big hugs <3
      Love, <3

  18. Ivana on

    Hi Emitaz 😀 I’m ivana and I’m from switzerland. I’ve read your blog for a long time and it’s the only blog I read. I really like it because you have a nice style combined from clothes which I also can afford. That’s nice! 🙂 I also like your story about your boyfriend, Barcelona and so on. You’re such a beautiful women and your photos are always perfect!! Every time you post something about food I’m happy about it. I really love cooking and your recipes are awesome !! So you can count on me as a follower ! 🙂 It would be so nice if you could answer, thanks! 😀

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello Ivana <3
      Im happy to hear that 😀 Yes I think that you can dress really nice even if the clothes are not super expensive :)) Hahaha loved the food part! I will try to do more of that then! 😉
      And thank you for spoling me with all the sweet words!

      Lots of love to you Ivana!

  19. Sevda on

    Hi Natascha,
    My name is sevda (female) I am 25 years old and from Germany. I have been born here, but my parents migrated from turkey.
    I found you randomly on instagram, about 1 year ago. Ever since i follow your blog here as well.
    I love the mix of inspiration ( food, music, workout,fashion, travel)
    But the most I value is that you also talk about your privacy for example your jobs, your flat, oscar or other stuff. It’s like a little diary for your followers 🙂
    Actually I don’t miss anything. It is perfect for me!

    Sending you lots of love and positive vibrations from germany!

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello dear!
      Aw thats to sweet 🙂 I’m glad you like the combination because sometimes I’m not sure if it’s to private, will they get bored and so on..So it means a lot when you tell me that the mix is a good thing hehe!
      Looots of love to you as well Sevda!
      <3 / N

  20. Aylin on

    Heyyyy Beauty 🙂
    I found your blog on Instagram and I loved your pictures 🙂
    The things that I like the most in your Blog are EVERYTHING :p I mean it 🙂 I love your outfits, I love to see where you travelled (the pictures are incredible), I admire your relationship with your boyfriend 🙂 AND I Love the Inspiration posts 😀
    I’m convenced that you have a beautiful soul and personality :**
    Kisses from Switzerland 🙂

  21. Sabrina on

    Hi Natascha,

    I’m from Germany and I’m 19 years old. I’m a girl and I think I first found your profile on Instagram last year. I like all your photos of course, especially the travel ones. Moreover I like that the photos have such a good quality.
    You are a real inspiration for me, especially when it comes to meditation/yoga, travel, food and interior. We definitely have the same taste concerning interior design (tropical&scandinavian <3 ) I also like your outfits.
    Here are some suggestions of what you can do more:
    Often you write about your day and what you've done (which is super interesting, don't get me wrong 😉 ) but maybe you could also write some other "articles" with a specific theme for example (as you've already mentioned before) like things in Spain that differ from things in Sweden or maybe how you came to do yoga and meditate or how your routine looks like. Or things like how to become a blogger or how get a manager or something like that. Or what are your travel must-haves or what do you wanna do in 10 years or so. Or your first impressions of Barcelona or how often you see your family and if it was a hard choice or what you miss in Barcelona 🙂

    I finished school and I still don't know what do study. I also wanna become a blogger and go to events and travel. Maybe I wanna work as a freelancer some day. Maybe you can give us some tipps and say how your life career looks like.

    Greetings, Sabrina

    PS: Keep going with your Tumblr inspiration. I looooove it <3 <3 <3

  22. Mon on

    Good morning dear!
    I’m Monika, from Slovakia, 16 yo. It’s hard to tell you what I like THE MOST about your blog.. But probably it will be this: you are real, true with us. If you have a bad day, you tell us without pretending of being perfect. And that’s what I really appreciate about you. I found you on instagram about a year ago, when you haven’t got a blog yet. Then you posted some information about creating your own website. I was curious about it, so I checked it and it was really good choice of mine. You are incredibly beautiful, kind, energetic person. Seeing how amazing and passionate life you live is an inspiration for me to do what I love the most. So thank you for this.
    Sending you a lot of kisses from rainy Slovakia!! <3

  23. Nora on

    Hi Natascha!
    I’m Nora and I’m a nineteen year old girl from Norway. I started following you on IG a few months before you moved to Spain. I remember you posted a photo saying you were finally moving abroad to live with your boyfriend, and I was so happy for you, because I know from experience how difficult a long-distance relationship can be. I’ve been following you ever since and I’ve been reading your blog since day one! I love your travel posts and I’m always excited for where you are going next, haha. I also enjoy your everyday posts of what you do in and around Barcelona. You are such a beauty and you seem really cool! Keep it up!
    Hope your monday is going well, and also congrats to Oscar with his studies xxx

  24. Ana on

    I’m from Belgrade, Serbia, 25 yo. I like your energy and style, and your posts from around the world. I don’t remember how i find your blog. I want to see more your ootd posts and tmblr inspo <3

  25. Dicle on

    Hola Guapa!

    i think you know me already from my comments on your blog 🙂 My Name is Dicle and i am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Munich but my origin is turkish. So yes, i have two native languages. Beside german and turkish i am also speaking ( oh what a surprise ) english and for 4 years spanish and since i am together with my boyfriend ( he is from Barcelona but now living with me in Munich ) i intensified my spanish.

    I found you on instagram just 2 or 3 years before and i loved it from the first sight 😀 You are so authentic and you also have a very nice and sweet personality and sometimes even crazy (Snapchat) like me haha. Especially when you are annoying Oscar, because i am doing the same to my boyfriend haha. I like to see how much you have grown with your blog together with Oscar. You guys are totally goals!
    I would like to see your videos about your travels and i love your Inspo Posts 🙂

    Keep on because you are doing an amazing job!

    xoxo and so much hugs !

  26. Gabi on

    I’m 21 years old girl from Poland currently living in Stockholm. I found you in your friend’s Instagram account (Sendi Skopljak) I love how nice, honest and open person you are. I have distance relationship with my boyfriend so you really inspire me to not give up. I reaped myself” look they made it so I also can do this”
    Big hugs to you and your boyfriend ❤️😘

  27. Ina on

    Hi Natascha! My name is Ina. I’m 20 years old from Albania. I found you through instagram and I’ve been following you about 9 months ago. What I like most about your blog is your personality, your outfits and your amazing pictures. (Oscar is doing a great job 😛) I would like to read more about you and Oscar and maybe some details about your first meeting 😜(I’m so curious 🙈) Lots of love ❤😘

  28. Frida on

    Hej! Jag är 17 år från Stockholm och älskar verkligen din blogg. Jag kom in på din instagram och började sen följa din blogg när du startade den. Det jag gillar med din blogg är typ allting, haha! Älskar variationen i inlägg (recept, vardag, resor osv osv..) och tycker även du verkar vara en jättehärlig person. Sen så inspireras jag jättemycket av dig då jag själv jättegärna vill flytta till Barcelona när jag blir äldre. Jag älskar därför att läsa om din vardag där o så. Och älskar även din stil, inspireras av den jättemycket!!:) Fortsätt med allt du gör, kram!!

  29. R.Y on

    Läst din blogg och följt dig på instagram sen jag såg dig för första gången i näsets bad. Tyckte du va otrolig vacker då och tycker du är det nu med.

  30. Maya on

    Hola! Me llamo Maya soy Polaca.te encontré por el instagram.ME gusta mucho tus fotografias. LO sienno por mi espanol todavia tengo que paradnej mucho. Pienso que puedes escribir tu blogg tambien en español. GReetings from POland ❤️😘

  31. Orkidea on

    Hi,my name is Orkidea. I’m from Kosovo. What I like most about your blog is your outfits and your amazing pictures and of course recipes . I think you .You’re such a beautiful women and your photos are always flawless!I would like to read more tips on fitness,health. And of course I like your love story with Oscar, you guys are perfect..
    Lots of love <3!!!

  32. Petra on

    I hope it’ not too late to answere these questions!
    I am a 24 year old girl from Hungary! Love your blog so much, it has such an amazing spirit and what I like the most is the lifestyle-training-eating well section! I would love to read about it more and more! You know what? I would like to read a post about your photoshooting routine! I mean…some tips about how can I make so beautiful photos like you do.
    And I love your bikini photos, beacause you have a beautifull body and with your bikini photos you give me so much motivation to go to the gym and work hard:)
    I’d find you on Instagram and I’m so glad for it because i’s soooo good to see you and your spirit, the cute and soultouching relationship with Oscar, you really give me very much insiration and motivation!
    And one more thing I love about your blog: Thank’s God you’re updating very often, so we alaways have something to read!:)
    Thank you for giving me a little part of your unique energy by your post!

    P.S.:Sorry for my grammar fails, my english knowledge is not the best:(

  33. Elvina on

    Hi! My name is Elvina. I’m 20 years old girl from Russia, Ufa. I saw you on instagram on any page of the fashion like. I really liked you. I start follow you and saw your blog 🙂 It is interesting to watch your blog and read all your news and photos! I’m just delighted. Especially like the combination of the basic things that can be found in my city. And yet! You and Oscar are very beautiful couple! I want Watch, Watch and watch on you!
    I like all of your images, ideas and translating them and I hope that you will also continue to actively blogging and delight us with their wonderful photos. Of course in Barcelona you are lucky with the weather, not what we have in Russia ha ha.
    I wish prosperity to your blog!
    love, Elvina^-^

  34. Zala on

    Girl, 18, from Slovenia
    A big fan of your blog! I think I was looking for some bloggers on the internet and found your blog about 2-3 years ago! I find you as an inspiration and a motivation! You give so many useful advices! I love it! Also love your style, seriously -amazing!!!!!!! I find your life really interesting and every post you make you do it on a special way that keeps us wanting to read tour blog ( you are deffinetly unique). I love reading about your healthy lifestyle so thats a great topic! And keep on posting this amazing photos! I probably could not find anything I’m not okay with so yeah keep on going!!!❤❤❤❤

  35. Monika on

    Hello! I’m Monika and I’m from Poland. I have 19 years old. I found your blog on instagram few months ago. I’m here since you started this blog and I reeeally like it. I like your style, maybe I wouldn’t wear everything what you wear but it fits you very well 🙂 I think photos are really great and considered. Greetings to Oscar! 🙂 I want to see more about places where you live and were you go. Something like “What do to in..” or “the best and interesting places in..” (in Spain too)!
    Kisses from Poland!

  36. Perrine @perrine_moniot on

    Hello Natascha! I’m Perrine, I’ve 19 tears old and I’m from the North of France! I’ve discovered your instagram there is some weeks ago! I immediately liked and I’ve discovered your blog today! I definitely “fall in love” with your personality, your style etc Congratulation for all of this and I hope you will keep going! You have a natural beautiful face and it’s because I follow you too. You share with us all link of your clothes and your experiences, it’s pleasant to read your articles!
    Have a good day,

  37. Lena on

    Hey my Name is Lena and i’m from Germany 🙂 my mom is German and my father is from Sri Lanka so my Skin Color Looks quite like yours! I found you on YouTube and i really enjoy watching your Travel vlogs

  38. Neli on

    Hola chica, I am Neli from Bulgaria, and I am 34.
    I like that you are yourself all the time, you`re beautiful and humble, and a little crazy :))
    I like you and Oscar as a couple a lot, your lookbooks, your journeys together.
    A blogger from Bulgaria told me about your Instagram and thats how i found you and I am happy, because you are such an inspiration.
    I would like to see more abut your family, friends, personal life, your school/university, future plans.
    And… Thank you, too! Muchas gracias de todo!


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