16:32 | January 14, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_0217 MEXICO-006OMP_0259Top & Shorts: Showpo // Shoes: Pull & Bear // Bag: Zara

Sorry for this sandy look haha..Just saw that I had sand on my neck in these pictures. More or less how I strolled around in our hotel everyday. Anyway we are back in Barcelona! We left Mexico last night which was perfect for me because I just slept the whole night until we arrived in Paris, so the time really went fast. We came to Barcelona  around 14.30 today, took a taxi home and now we are packing everything up. I have a looot to do this week and on Monday I have a casting as well. But I will post pictures here as normal. I have a lot more to show you guys so I hope that you will not get bored of some more Mexico pictures? Tell me! Love, N

23:50 | January 12, 2016

Caribbean Love



So our last day is here and I’m so sad! Not ready to go home to Barcelona..We’ve had such a great time here at Karisma Hotels. We have not been so lucky with the weather but it has been amazing anyway. I’m so thankful for everything that I have seen and all the adventures we have been to. A special thanks to Dimitrije, Stephanie, Mariela and Pricilla that has fixed everything during this trip, and ofcorse all the amazing staff here at the hotel ♥ I have a looot of pictures to show you when I come home as well. Now we are going to enjoy some Caribbean food before going to sleep. Love, N

1:02 | January 12, 2016





Today we did something that you HAVE to do when you are in Mexico. As you might know one of the seven wonders of the world are in Mexico – Chichen Itza. We went there today with our driver from Karisma Hotels. It’s something with the mayan culture that really fascinates me. I get like chills when I read or hear about it. Our guide was mayan today and loved to listen to his stories about the mayans and their society, culture, language, rituals and so on. He also told me that mayans where very discriminated in Mexico, Guatemala and some other countries and that made me so sad. Mayans are some of the most intelligent people in the world and we are still using their math system in for example our local food stores. They should be admired! I’m so against racism so it really hurt me. Anyway if you ever visit Mexico, make sure to get to know about the culture here – it’s really amazing. I even asked Oscar (joke) “If we have three daughters can we name them Inca, Azteca and Maya? Haha..I wish I could have filmed his face in that moment. Love, N

23:42 | January 10, 2016

Tus Ojos No Me Ven

Outfits By: EMITAZ
OMP_0652MEXICO-005OMP_0658OMP_0696 OMP_0648

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Shorts: Levi’s // Top: Bik bok (old) // Bag: Zara

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Hello from a very sick girl. Warning don’t read more if you are eating!! I ate something bad yesterday so I have been vomiting the whole night/morning. I’m have a very sensitive stomach and something went wrong last night haha..I think I woke up all my neighbours (I sound like a freaking tiger when I vomit)..Oscar loves to imitate that sound, so mean hahaha! I’m feeling better now, the staff (and Oscar ofcorse) here are just so amazing, they have made a special chicken soup and taken so good care of me. I’m ready for adventure tomorrow! Love, N