11:24 | January 19, 2016


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My best tips to start your training:

Start eating healthy. When you start eating healthy (FUN recipes not just salads) you will see results very fast and that will keep you motivated with the training as well. Search for different healthy food blogs – you will find a lot! Since I started to eat healthy my skin has become much better, and I also feel so much better on the inside.

Don’t look at the scale. I always get questions like “What’s your weight?” and I mean… does it really matter? It’s about how I feel, not about numbers on a scale. Some people becomes too obsessed with that. Screw that and do ya thaang!

Variate your training. Try yoga, running, boxing… What is the thing that fits you? What do YOU enjoy? Maybe a little bit of everything? Go to classes if it’s possible. Sometimes seeing other people sweat is a really good motivation. At least I become so competitive in the class haha. Don’t be scared to stand in the front, you will give 110% instead of 80%. And STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE!! Try new things, don’t be scared.

Try different exercises. Just write on youtube “leg exercise” or “abs work out” and 10.000 videos will pop up. I ALWAYS look at exercises at youtube and take inspiration from there, always adapting it to myself. I normally write down what I want to try and create my  training schedule from there. When I don’t have time to go to the gym I have a playlist of 20 minutes work out that I follow. Make sure to change it once in a while so you don’t get bored.

Buy new clothes! I love to buy new gym clothes in fun colours! It’s like “ok I bought them now I have to go!” haha..No but you can actually look pretty fab in the gym.

Music!! Aah I don’t function without my music. Favourite songs: G-Unit – Watch me, Kanye West – Black skinhead, Fall Out Boy – My songs know what you did in the dark (longest name of a song?!), Britney Spears – Work B*tch, Nicki Minaj – Feelings myself. If you want the whole list tell me!

Don’t compare yourself with someone else. Having a motivation picture is ok but don’t feel bad about yourself just because someone else is much fitter. You are YOU, and we are different. Some people gets abs in 2-3 weeks, some people in 6 months. Just don’t give up. While I struggle to gain weight and build muscles, someone else is struggling to lose weight. That’s something we have to understand as well. What’s important is to feel good on the inside as well, not only the outside. I love my body, but I have always been really skinny and weak..I’m striving for a stronger body. I know it will take a lot of time for me but from being the girl that couldn’t do a single push up to be able to do 20, I’m proud even if it’s a piece of cake for someone else to do 20 push ups. As I said, don’t compare yourself with someone else.

So these were my best “start your work out” tips. I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, tell me if you would like to see more of these posts in the future? Love, N ♥

21:02 | January 18, 2016



So thankful for all the moments I get to share with my soulmate, thank you for another great trip ♥

Hello babes. Sorry for not updating until now..I’ve had a lot of things to do today and I came home very late. Tomorrow I will start training again, I’ve had a small cold since I came home from Mexico so I decided to not train until it was over. But tomorrow I’m back on track!  I have written down some ideas I want to share with you here on the blog so I will make sure to start with that tomorrow. Love, N ♥


17:27 | January 17, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Pants: Subdued // T-shirt: H&M // Sneakers: Adidas // Jacket: H&M // Bag: Cortefiel

Brrrr…Barcelona is cold! At least today (ok my Swedish followers don’t hate me I know you are having -15 and suffering). I feel ya! My skin always get so bad when it’s this cold, so I’m going to be really careful with what I eat this week since I have some important photoshoots coming up. Anyway today me and Oscar took a really big decision..About what you will know later. But I can’t wait to tell you – and show you!! But I have to keep it a secret for a while since we have to go through maaany things before. I took these pictures before we went to Mexico..kind of like this comfortable look. Love, N ♥

13:15 | January 16, 2016


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Yesterday I went to Tierra Extraña which is one of my favourite interior shops here in Barcelona. They have a lot of industrial interior stuff which I love. The shop is not so cheap but it’s one of the few shops in Barcelona that has this “industrial touch” in furnitures and decorations. I found the cushions in Primark on sale for 3€ each and the candle for 2€!  I bought some new things for my desk as well (which I don’t even have yet) haha..I was going to order one online but we just measured the place I was going to have the desk in and it was to small. Today we have been searching for some bookshelves without any result..I could never imagine that it would be so hard to find a bookshelf haha..Not even Ikea has ones that are 1,50. We will try again next week. I was not sure if I was going to post this or not, but I know that some of you wants to see what I buy for our home as well. Hit the heart button if you liked this post, then I know if I shall continue or not ♥ Love, N

8:32 | January 15, 2016


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Oscar took these pictures of me the last day in Mexico. We played around with the camera and I really liked the result..I know I’m very lucky to have a boyfriend that also is a photographer hehe. But I have to say that I’m not that bad behind the camera, he has taught me a lot and I actually like to take pictures as well of him. Anyway  I’m glad that some of you still wanted to see some Mexico pictures ♥ Today I have to fix a lot of things..my closet is also coming today (finally!). I will ask my mother in law to join me in some interior shops since Oscar is a bit tired of it haha..I have to buy a desk, curtains, carpet and so on. Just want to have the room done so I can start working in there. By the way did you like these pictures? Love, N