11:32 | January 22, 2016



– When I was younger I used to suck my thumb. That created a big space between my teeth – but I never had braces! Instead the dentist stuffed some material between my teeth to take away the space.

– I’m crazy about notebooks/agendas..I get excited when I see a nice one in a shop and I just have to buy it haha.

– I like to get things done and have goals. If I make a to-do list I make sure to make everything on the list. I like to have structure in my life and to be active with different projects/work. Sometimes i wish I could relax a biiit more, but I just like when things happens.

 – I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I have read all the books and during Christmas I watched all the movies..alone.

– I’m scared of the dark and I hate sleeping alone. If Oscar is not home I sleep with one lamp on haha.

– My favourite book is Desert Flower. I remember when I was around 16-17 and read it, I just couldn’t stop..I read it for hours and almost cried while reading it. The book is based on a true story, and she is a true hero. Read it!

– I can’t watch blood/killing scenes in movies. I always have to close my eyes and make sounds with my mouth to not hear the sounds of breaking bones or someone getting sliced up haha. Oscar always gets annoyed with me. And he always fools me like “Babe it’s over” and then when I look someone is getting killed and I start hitting him haha..

– I don’t like mean gossip. I’m human, of corse I like to hear some gossip if a childhood friend is getting married, having children or if some friends are dating. But I don’t like mean gossip, when people pushes other people down. I feel so awkward when it happens. Mean gossip for me is “She doesn’t deserve that” “I’m happy her boyfriend cheated on her” “she has fake lips and she looks so cheap” With other words people that gets happy to see other people hurt or fail. If they talk that bad about other people and smiles about it, they are 100% talking about you as well, that’s why I avoid them. I really can’t understand how you can enjoy it and I have noticed that my three closest girlfriends never gossip bad things about people, I guess I’m drawn to that kind of people. Oscar is the same, he hates listen to gossip and he never talks bad about other people. That’s one of the things I really love about Oscar, gotta love ma maaan!! ♥


More of these kind of lists? YES/NO? ♥

17:37 | January 21, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Jacket: Old (Gina Tricot) // Pants: Pull&Bear // Top: H&M // Shoes: Adidas // Bag: Zara

Today me and Oscar had a study/work marathon..We were really focused and didn’t even say a word to each other for hours haha. He is having is his final exam in law in just one month so I really don’t want to disturb him. I also have a lot of work this month so it’s kind of perfect. Anyway after hours of silence we went and bought food, took these pictures just before we entered the supermarket. The light was a bit tricky today so I’m not satisfied with the pictures but I thought I should show you how I look on a normal day and also to get away a bit from the Mexico vibes I’m having here on the blog right now hehe. I’ve read all your comments as well, I will try to reply tomorrow ♥ Lot of love, N

11:11 | January 21, 2016


By Oscar Minyo,Inspiration,Wanderlust

Bikini: Volcom


Good morning babes! I have just been in Oscars mothers office to fix some papers..I’m opening a Spanish company soon and it’s a process from hell I just want to have it done. Anyway these photos are some of my favourites that we took in Mexico. I think we had one of the best beaches in Mexico during our stay at Karisma, the water was amazing and not so many people like on the other beaches. I always get the question on Instagram “how tall are you” “what’s your weight”. I’m not that tall as you might think, I’m 1,69. I think it’s my spider legs that maybe makes me look longer in the pictures I don’t know. But now you know, I’m not so tall hehe! My mother is 1,50 and my dad was around 1,80 so turned out being somewhere in the middle. And my weight? I don’t own a scale so I don’t know..but I would guess somewhere around 50-55 kg? No se José. Have a nice day babes. Love, N ♥

11:01 | January 20, 2016


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This winter I’ve made a lot of smoothies, I’ve experimented with different fruits, vegetables, spices and so on but this one turned out being my favourite! I don’t know why but it tastes like a really good dessert so it’s perfect when you feel for something sweet. I normally have this as a afternoon snack or when I’ve been in the gym. I always make my recipe for two persons since Oscar loves my smoothies as well hehe..So this recipe is for 2 persons. Do you have any good smoothie recipes to share with me? Tell me and I will try it here on the blog. Love, N


Den här vintern har jag verkligen experimenterat med olika frukter, grönsaker, kryddor osv, men den här smoothien blev verkligen en favorit hos mig! Den smakar som en riktigt god efterrätt, så helt perfekt när man känner för något sött. Jag brukar oftast göra den på eftermiddagen eller när jag kommit hem från träningen. Jag gör alltid mitt recept för två personer då Oscar är ett stort fan av mina smoothies hehe. Så detta receptet är alltså för två personer. Har ni några goda recept ni vill dela med er av? Berätta gärna så får jag testa det här på bloggen! Love, N 

10:46 | January 20, 2016

Heartbeats – José González

Outfits By: EMITAZ

Skirt: Brandy Melville // Top: Showpo // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Bag: Zara // Sunglasses: Subdued

Going through the mail and my to-do list while listening to one of my favourite musicians José Gonzalez, it maybe sounds like he is from Spain but he is actually from my hometown Gothenburg in Sweden. 1 year ago Oscar gave me tickets to his concert for Valentines Day, one of the best days ever. He is such a talent! This is my favorite song (click here). Anyway here is another look from Mexico, you have promised me that you will not get bored ;P I’m soon going to Barcelona city to buy some stuff. I have 100 things to do these days so it will be a quick visit in the city. Love, N