16:56 | January 27, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Dress: Showpo // Shoes: Simmi Shoes // Bag: Zara

I have totally forgot to show you this look from Mexico! It’s from one of the evenings when me and Oscar went out on a date. It’s not often you get to see me in a dress but I really liked this one! Ah I really miss these warm evenings in Mexico..But I have to admit that I’m loving the weather in Barcelona right now as well! Oscar told me today that it has not rained here for 85 days(!). I’m sooo living in the right country hehe. Anyway today I have been in Salon Toro here in Barcelona to fresh up my highlights and cut my sun damaged hair! I’m shooting for a campaign tomorrow and the day after tomorrow but I will try to update as much as I can! I have the photoshoot from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. .So make sure to follow me on Snapchat Emitaz6 to follow me behind the scenes! Love, N



9:19 | January 26, 2016


Training & Food
OMP_2409 hoa

So here comes a delicious recipe that goes quite fast to make! Perfect for a lunch box, or if you want to make something fast and healthy (ok minus the chick pease but you can always skip that). After seeing the documentary Cowspiracy I’ve tried to eat vegan at least 4 times every week. It’s really hard since I’m not used to these kind of recipes, but I’m getting there hehe.

How to make your vegan bowl:

1. Start by preparing the day before, put the chick pease in water (it has to be in the water for around 10 hours).  I just put it in water before I go to sleep. Then it has to boil for around 40-50 minutes. So I always start with this because it takes time.

2. After that I boil the quinoa, I don’t know how long i boil it but I guess around 20 min. I just keep on tasting it while cooking because I don’t want it to soft. I mix the quinoa in tomato sauce to give it a bit more taste.

3. Then fry the mushrooms, carrots and broccoli in coconut oil (add salt, pepper and a biiiit oregano and barbecue spice and honey).

4. Prepare the salad (it’s under everything you can’t see it). But I used baby spinach, salad and rucola to get different flavours.

5. 1/2 avocado per person and some corn.

6. Topping: Oscar got vegan mayonnaise (I didn’t know it existed and it was so much more delicious!!) and I had hummus. And the both of us had vinegar and olive oil as well.


This was so delicious and Oscar loved it as well. We ate it again yesterday since I boiled a lot of chick pease. I recommend this meal because you get really full, it’s filled healthy things that the body need -and it’s tastes so good!! Love, N ♥

18:09 | January 25, 2016





MEXICO 2016 with my love – Pictures by: Dimitrije Popovic

Hello from a very tired girl. I had to run some errands with Oscars mother this morning..We where done at 2-3 a clock and I went back to bed haha. I only slept 3 hours tonight since I was out with my friends yesterday. We had so much fun! We started of with a brunch at W hotel after that we went to Gatsby and then Nuba. I met so many of you guys yesterday and it made me so happy when you came and said hello! ♥ Spanish girls, swedish girls..And one guy :)) I get so happy when you come and say hello because I think it’s nice to see who you are as well. Anyway tomorrow I have to run some more errands, work and go to one casting. Wish me luuuck! Love, N ♥

10:34 | January 24, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Jacket: Subdued // T-shirt: Nike // Leggins: H&M // Bag: Cortefiel // Boots: In Up (small store in Barcelona)

Did you like my headline haha? So this is what I looked like when we bought food and stuff for our home yesterday. The light was pretty awesome though! Today I’m going to the W hotel for their lunch buffet and after that Gatsby with my girlfriends. Is anyone going there tonight (Barcelona)? I’ve heard it’s great! I have to hurry up now because I have to leave in 1,5 hour and I’m sitting here with wet hair and..yes, I have to go. Have a nice Sunday babes! Love, N

18:25 | January 23, 2016


Interior Inspiration1Interior Inspiration1-001

Picture source: Pinterest 

Scrolling through Pinterest and looking for some inspiration..since..we..are..moving! YAAAS! We are not moving now but in some months (I have to wait for Oscar to be done with his exam and so on). And after that we are moving to a bigger apartment. And guess what? You will be with me through this journey since I will make videos and also film it on my Snapchat (emitaz6). Right now we are just collecting inspiration and trying to figure out how use the different rooms..I also made some skisses yesterday since we probably will take down at least 3 walls in the apartment. It will be a really big project and I can’t wait to start it!! Since you know I’m crazy about interior so I hope that you want to see videos and the process of the apartment here on the blog. Love, N