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Hello babes. If you follow me on Snapchat you already know what I did for Oscar this morning. I made his favorite breakfast, egg and bacon. Woke him up by saying “the postman needs your signature..get dressed!!” I think I ruined the romantic moment a bit there hahaha..he was so angry! Anyway in the living room I surprised him with breakfast and gifts. 🙂

We told each other that we should not buy any Christmas gifts / Reyes magos (7 January they celebrate it in Spain) gifts this year since we are in Mexico on Reyes Magos. But he has done so much for me this year and he deserves everything in this world. He has been there when I’ve had some really bad days, and he has been there when I’ve had the days of my life. My best friend and soulmate ♥ I will always be so thankful. I wish every girl/woman in the world a boyfriend like Oscar in their lifes haha!! Anyway I gave him a photo album with pictures from our trips this year –  Sri-Lanka, Maldives and Zanzibar. And I also gave him a jacket he wanted, a pair of sweatpants, a agenda with photography images. Now it’s time to prepare for Mexico in 2 days. Love, N

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  1. Mel on

    Omg I will cry 😭😭
    There is no word to describe you guys! Simply amazing. The way you treat each other, how you be there for each other, anything! I really wish to have a relationship like yours one day. As I said before, either a Oscar-Natascha-relationship or none ✌🏻️
    Much love to you!! Xx

  2. Naiara on

    Me encanta la libreta!!!! ´La portada es genial y las hojas negras preciosas! Dónde la has comprado???
    Es un muy bonito detalle. Y también todos los chicos querrían a una Natascha en su vida!
    Es muy bonito que pasen los años y aún se sigan haciendo estas cosas, no caer en la rutina.

  3. Ess on

    This is beyond lovely!.A year ago I met the boy I love while traveling, we see each other sometimes but I learnt how hard distance is. I love reading your blog because you’re so authentic. Apart from loving your style, I think your relationship is goals and sometimes it brings me some hope on mine as there is always people saying that distance-relationships can never work out well. You proved that it isn’t true at all 💕💕😊 enjoy mexico guys !

  4. Turkish girl from Ireland on

    Happy new year! Your gift is great. Can’t wait to see your new photos in Mexico to get inspired! Have a lovely journey!

  5. Sabrina on

    Hi Natascha,

    you are really such a nice couple, I said it on instagram like a thousand times but you guys are really the cutest. <3

    I also wish I will have a boyfriend like Oscar one day. (Maybe we 4 can go on vacation together, hahahah) 😀
    Your DIY photobook is so cute. I bet he loved it.

    I have one question. How did you guys actually meet? You said you were there on vacation but can you tell us how exactly? I mean did you meet at a party or at the beach and how did make the first step? Were you alone with friends in Spain? Don't get me wrong, you don't have to say every detail. But I'm just curious. Maybe this summer I'm going on vacation with my friends for the first time (I'm 18 hahaha) and having an Oscar by my side wouldn't be bad.

    Lots of love,


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