9:09 | November 4, 2015


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Morning babes! I got so much feedback about my latest post and not a single one was negative, I’m glad you understod me. You had your opinions and thoughts and gave me knowledge as well and I’m thankful for that. So about my day, I’m going to DA’s event with the crew I was working with in July. Oscar will join me in the middle of the event to take some pictures. I have just changed birth control pills so my hormons are messing with me. So I’m all red and blemished all around my mouth..Just perfect before the event haha. Keep calm and try to cover it ;P Aaah I have to say it again, I’m sooooo excited that my mother is coming here!! I have not seen her for months, she was supposed to come her in April but my uncle passed away and she had to change her plans. She will help us with the final touch of our apartment and after that I will take you guys on a little tour, I promise!! I hope you still want to see it? Love, N 


Godmorgon finisar! Tack för ALL feedback från förra inlägget. Inte en enda kommentar var negativ och jag är så tacksam över att ni förstod mig! Ni hade era åsikter och tankar och ni lärde mig mycket också, vilket jag är tacksam för! Idag ska jag på ett event med DA som jag jobbade för i juli, Oscar hänger med till eventet för att ta lite bilder. Jag har ändrat mina p-piller så mina hormoner spökar med mig rejält just nu. Jag har massa röda blemmor runt munnen, perfekt innan eventet haha. Aaah jag måste bara säga det igen, är så glad över att min mamma ska komma hit!! Jag har inte sett henne på flera månader, det var meningen att hon skulle komma i april men min morbror gick bort på Sri-Lanka så hon var tvungen att ändra sina planer. Hon ska hjälpa oss med lägenheten också, så efter det får ni en liten tour. Jag hoppas att ni fortfarande vill se det? Love, N 

20:02 | November 3, 2015



Hey guys! I just have to make this clear. I think many of you have seen this video about Essena today. The girl who writes about how bad Instagram is and how fake everything is. I think that she has many points in what she is saying. But not everyone is what she describes in her video. I disagree with her in some ways. Why? I will speak for what I think about Instagram. 

First of all, I love to be creative with clothes, videos and pictures. I enjoy it and I have a boyfriend that is a photographer (and even before I started my blog we used to take pictures). We LOVE IT. She made it sound like it’s a pain in the ass to take picture, to suck in her stomach, break your back to make your butt look bigger, to putt stuff in the bra and all these things. It’s not like that for everyone. I saw one caption “Waiting for the golden hour to be able to take beautiful pictures, it’s so fakeOr something like that. And it hurted me – and Oscar. What’s so wrong waiting for the right light and have a small talk with someone? Isn’t it a beautiful moment anyway? Can’t humans be creative in different ways? I don’t understand why she made everything sound so awful.

Every morning when I check my mail I have around 10-20 companies that has written to me. Many companies wants to promote coffe scrubs, “model” tea, fitness products even cat candy (I don’t even have a cat). 16 old me, would say YES to all this if they paid, and would probably borrow the neighbours cat if I could get those 300€ extra in my pocket. Come on? What 16 year old girl doesn’t want a bit extra money. But I’m 24 now, Essana was 16 when she started to work with companies. I was 23. It’s a big difference. Many young and insecure girls and boys tries to get famous by showing everything, to paint their life perfect, to wear that 10 pillow push up in the bra. I don’t know if you have seen the video of me curling my hair, I’m not even wearing a bra and showing up my mini boobs under that top in the video. 16 year old me would NEVER do that video without a massive push up bra. I am against that 12 year old girls follows “thinspo” “fitspo” pages..I am. But I don’t think it’s BAD earning money if I’m doing something I LOVE. Which is clothes & fashion. I love to go in here everyday and post what I have been wearing. I love to chat with my followers once in a while and answer your comments everyday. I don’t feel bad a single day about this, I’m enjoying it and I’m not trying to be someone else. I got really sad when I saw how she felt, she was thrown to this business in a very early age. I would not be ready for this kind of business when I was 16. Uhh just thinking how I was when I was 16 just makes me sick (really low confidence). The attention you needed, the thoughts that you were not enough for this society..The list can go on. But the 24 year old me can handle this.

I always try to think about what I write here on the blog because I know I have many young girls following me here. I have written about my acne, I have written about my father that passed away when I was 17 and many personal subjects because I think that it’s SO IMPORTANT that you don’t see my life perfect. Because it’s FAR from perfect. I have my days when I just feel like laying in bed and crying over my father (which I do once in a while).

If you have blog or Instagram or another social media, and you are passionated and real about it – GO FOR IT. It opens up many doors. Ex) If you have a Ecological food Instagram, you post about your recipes and food pictures and then you get a mail from a ecological food company that wants to sponsor you with their food and pay you. Why not? Maybe it creates a new job for you, that you love! Or if you are a make up artist and want to show of your work on Instagram. Who knows, maybe a big fashion brand wants you to work your skills on their models in the up coming fashion week. But NEVER do things you don’t stand for, because that will never take you far. I promise you, you will never see cat food or a coffee scrub on my blog. Anyway I hope you understod a bit of what I felt about all of this. I got comment on Instagram today and felt like I had to make things clear.  At least for you guys here on the blog that I talk with almost everyday. Love, N

10:11 | November 3, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ
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OMP_6680OMP_6658Fur Cardigan: H&M sale // Pants: Bershka // Shoes: H&M (old) // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Basketball shirt: Bulls // Sunglasses: Primark

The autumn light..love to take pictures in this light, how amazing? To take pictures against the sun is not the easiest that I can tell you. Even if Oscar is a real talent when it comes to photography it can be really frustrating when the sun is going down because of the light that is changing. You have to change the ISO all the time and look at the screen every third picture to make sure you are getting the same light in the pictures. Anyway why am I trying to make a photography course on the blog haha? Sorry guys..going to the gym now! I have not been there in 2 days so it’s time to kiillll it! Did you like the outfit? I always take Oscars basketball shirts, big t-shirts..He doesn’t like it but I don’t care. Byyyye! Love, N


Jag älskar verkligen att fota när solen håller på att gå ner, så vackert! Dock så är det inte det lättaste, även om Oscar är en sjukt duktig fotograf så kan det vara riktigt frustrerande ibland då ljustet hela tiden ändras. Man måste ändra ISO hela tiden och kolla på ner i kameran var 3:e sekund för att vara säker att alla bilder har samma ljus. Varför försöker jag hålla en kamerakurs på bloggen? Sorry haha..nu ska jag till gymmet! Har inte varit där på två dagar så det är dags för ett mördarpass! Gillade ni outfiten? När jag inte hittar någon inspiration i min egna garderob så brukar jag dyka in i Oscars..älskar att använda hans kläder, han gillar dock inte det haha.. Love, N

10:39 | November 2, 2015




All shoes are from: Simmishoes (here

I will start with these collages again, I have really missed making them! So today I will show you a webshop that I like with amazing shoes and really good prices. How beautiful aren’t these? I’m in love with every single one of them. I think a pair of autumn shoes with a twist can really make a outfit but I have to admit that I 80% of the time buy black shoes. I will try to stop with that now, thinking about buying the first pair in the collage. By the way I  have finally picked the closet I’m going to buy! I’m so excited to start a new life..Lol I’m just kidding, I’m just excited to not have 20 pair of shoes on the floor, my summer clothes in big boxes (basement and attics doens’t exist here) with other words everything is a mess right now and the perfectionist is going crazy. Did you have any favorite pair of high heels in the collage? Tell me! Have a nice Monday guys – Love, N


Jag tänkte börja med att göra collage igen, har saknat att sitta och pyssla med detta! Så idag tänkte jag börja med att visa er en av mina favorit nätbutiker som har riktigt snygga skor till väldigt bra priser! Hur snygga är inte de här? Jag vill ha varenda en! Ett par höstskor med en liten twist kan göra väldigt mycket i en outfit, men jag måste erkänna att jag 80% av gångerna köper svarta skor. Ska dock försöka ändra på det nu, vill gärna beställa de första i collaget. Föresten jag har äntligen valt ut garderoben jag vill köpa! Ser fram emot att börja ett nytt liv..hehe. Nej men jag ser fram emot a inte behöva ha 20 skor på golvet, mina sommarkläder i stora boxar (vind och källare existerar inte här) så jag blir tokig på all röra. Har ni några favoriter i collaget? Ha en fin måndag! Love, N

15:24 | November 1, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_7054OMP_6956untitled folder 31-029OMP_6876OMP_6987OMP_6967OMP_7060Skirt: Showpo (here)  // Top: Bershka // Shoes: Adidas Superstar // Bag: Zara // Jacket: Showpo (here)OMP_7043

Stripes and denim is always a great combination. I like to mix this classic look with a pair of sneakers and a backpack. Anyway my mother is coming to Barcelona soon and I’m so excited for that. I will show her the best parts of Barcelona with the help of Oscar and his parents. On Thursday I have to attend to an event with DA, so fun! And next week it’s time for Meet Up BCN, with a lot of other Spanish bloggers..During two days we will do a lot of different activities. I think I will be the only blogger there from another country haha. I will do the best I can with my beginner Spanish, my spanglish. Love, N


Randigt och jeans är alltid en bra kombination enligt mig. Jag älskar att blanda en klassisk look med ett par sneakers och en ryggsäck. Hur som haver, min mamma kommer till Barcelona snart och jag är sååå glad över det! Ska visa henne de bästa platserna i Barcelona med hjälp av Oscar och hans föräldrar. På torsdag ska jag gå på ett event med DA, så himla kul! Och nästa vecka är det dags för Meet Up BCN, med spanska bloggare från hela landet. Meet Up BCN kommer att pågå i två dagar och under de här dagarna ska vi göra massa roliga aktiviteter tillsammans. Jag är rätt säker på att jag kommer vara den enda bloggerskan som är från ett annat land haha. Får la helt enkelt göra det bästa av situationen med min hackiga spanska. Love, N