4:48 | September 3, 2015





What a day we had yesterday! Freaking amazing..We did alot of water activities that Cocoon Resort & Villas organize for the guests here on the resort. I love when hotels/resorts has these kind of things – so freaking fun! After the water activities we went to beach to relax a bit. We were going on a boat and bike ride today, but Oscar is not feeling good so we will go to the spa later instead. We have booked a full body massage. Anyway we are having such a good time here..the perfect relaxing ending of this adventure trip here in Sri-Lanka. Love, N

5:19 | September 2, 2015



OMP_6203First day here..OMP_6186Exotic fruit plate is a must in Sri-Lanka!OMP_6397My love with his bambi eyes and perfect eyebrows..seriously why couldn’t I get these haha?

OMP_6350No words can describe how much I love this guy!

Cocoon Resorts & Villas (LINK)

Another day in Cocoon Resorts. Aaaah I just love waking up here, and finally some good wifi in Sri-Lanka haha. So I promise you good updates these days. Time to hit the beach now and do some water activities! Love, N

14:05 | September 1, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ,Wanderlust
OMP_1810OMP_1823Natascha Lanka-001OMP_1828OMP_1851OMP_1849

Top: L123 (here) // Shorts: Levi’s Arizona Vintage // Shoes: Pull&Bear

Hello darlings. Such a boring outfit, I can’t wait to go back to Barcelona and take alot of outfit pictures haha! Anyway we have 5 more days in Sri-Lanka so we decided to check in to a resort in Bentota (around 1,5 hour away from Colombo). I don’t like the beach in Colombo and that’s the reason why we decided to go south again. I’m so happy we did ,we have just been reading books, taking pictures, enjoying food and king coconut! The resort we are staying at is Cocoon Resort & Villas. I’m in love with this place. I will show you guys some pictures later (HERE is a link to the resort). I was so sick yesterday, so we had do cancel one day here but I’m feeling much better now and I’m ready to enjoy my last days here!  Love, N