17:28 | September 15, 2015


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Hello babes! I just came home from a day filled with something that I love and that I really needed: shopping!! After one and a half months without shopping my soul was kind of hurting haha… just kidding. So I wanted to tell you guys that from tomorrow I will start taking outfit pictures again. Wiho!

I need help with one more thing. I’m going to make more videos for my youtube channel and blog, but what do you want to see?? The Sri Lanka & Maldives video is comming up of course, but I was thinking about something more personal… One of you readers gave me a great idea today, but I need more inspiration so feel free to tell me please!! I have started to answer you comments again by the wat. I answered about 20 comments today, and if I didn’t answer your question feel free to ask again here on the blog. Love, N

19:27 | September 14, 2015


Model Job


Madrid with this gorgeous babe on Thursday!  I will tell you later why we are going there, but it will be so fun! I was in Madrid last year and I’m really excited to go back. The camera will be with me as always…By the way I get alot of questions about the cameras that I use..Shall I just put up everything I use here on the blog? Tell me if you want to see it! Love, N

19:02 | September 14, 2015


By Oscar Minyo,Wanderlust
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OMP_8440-2Photos by: Oscar MinyoMALDIVES

Hello babes. I’m back on track..Finally back with good internet! Ah the motivation is not really on top when you are fighting with wifi all the time. Seriously I found good wifi around 3-4 times during 1,5 month haha..Anyway I have so much to show you! These photos where very spontaneous, I was going to shower and Oscar started to take pictures, and it turned out being a quick photoshoot haha..The pictures are very nice in color as well but I wanted to do something different this time. I’m as you might know back in Barcelona – and it feels S O GOOD! Missed our apartment, my second family..and good wifi haha! Love, N


13:43 | September 9, 2015





Hello babes! We landed on another maldivian island this morning: the Dhonveli island (Link here). We stayed with the Cinnamon Hotels group in Sri Lanka as well and we were very happy with it so we booked 2 days with them here in Maldives. I’m struggeling with the Wifi so it takes a while to upload. But as I said before when I come back to Barcelona I will show you everything with more details! The water here is amazing, we have been snorkeling all day long… something me and Oscar really enjoy as you might have noticed already haha… Love, N

16:35 | September 8, 2015



Snorkeling with Sheraton Maldives

These days has been C R A Z Y. I have so much to show you guys when I return to Barcelona. I don’t find the time to go through all the 1000 pictures we have been taking here and I want to take my time when I edit them. I’m very picky when it comes to pictures, even though it’s hard to take a bad picture here I want to show you some cool images! So here is a gopro picture from yesterdays snorkeling. We are home in 5 days so then you will get alot of pictures then and much more details about this trip! The people on this island are fantastic..I wish I could stay here one month, I already feel home haha! Love, N