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OMP_9576OMP_9632Jumpsuit: Toby Heart Ginger // Sneakers: Adidas // Fake fure: Gina Tricot (last year) // Bag: Marc by Marc JacobsOMP_9562


Hello favorites. So fun to see you so active in the comment field these days. I love to talk with you here! It feels much more personal than through Instagram, I answer all the comments here since it’s impossible on Instagram. I also enjoy talking with you on Facebook so if you want you can follow my page HERE and be updated. I feel better today. I still have pain in my throat, but at least I can eat without suffering much. I got a lot of tips from you guys so I’m trying different things right now… So desperate hehe. Anyway today’s outfit for buying medicine haha! I love chill jumpsuits and I think that they are so comfortable when you don’t know what to wear. Jumpsuit, white sneakers and fake fur can never be wrong! Now I’m going to put a freaking onion with some olive oil in my oven and eat it all up!! How fun! Some of you said it was really good for the throat so I’m going to try it haha. Lots of love! – N

17:45 | September 18, 2015


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Sri Lanka was all about backpacking adventures. Adventures up on the mountains, safaris, waterfalls, visiting ancient cities… For me and Oscar travelling is not just about hanging by a pool and having a drink (even though I like these relaxing days as well OF COURSE haha). But it’s also about getting to know the culture, get freaking dirty and have fun! Just being! We always took the local bus and train to move around if there was any. And oh my! we had fun just doing these trips! That is exactly how you get to know a country, by melting within it. So Sri Lanka was more adventures and culture while in Maldives we did water activities such as diving, jet ski and so on. Oscar has really taken out the adventure girl I had somwhere inside me…

But back to Sri Lanka: we left our big travel bags in the capital city where I have my family and we bought a backpack for me and started our backpacking trip. From the west coast, south and then up north. We had booked some hotels, but many days we ended up in a random city without any booking nor planning, just improvising. We just went to a random guest house when we jumped of the bus. One day we ended up in a room were I almost started to cry, it was so scary! Hahaha. Ok I laughed and cried at the same time. As a blogger I must deliver pictures you like and so on… but oh my how I wish that I should have taken pictures of the different guest houses we have stayed in haha! When I stayed in the “finer” hotels it was only for 1-3 nights and ofcorse with my family that lives in Sri Lanka. Love, N.




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OMP_7977OMP_8517OMP_8803OMP_7952OMP_8856OMP_8232OMP_7389Snaps from our stay at Sheraton Hotel Maldives

A dream came true. That’s how I felt when we landed on this island. I have to say that I miss this place a lot. I have been to Sri Lanka at least 10 times in my life, but I have never visited Maldives even though it’s very close to SL… Landing on this beautiful island with the person I love was just amazing and I couldn’t stop having a ridiculous smile on my face all the time. We did a lot of fun stuff during our stay. My absolute favorite was diving and seeing the sharks and colorful fishes, but also taking the jet ski to the sandbank in the middle of the ocean. That was crazy! You will see it in the video Oscar is editing. Speaking of which: Thank you for all the comments about the teaser!! I’m so excited for the video as well. Love, N


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Hello darlings. This is a little teaser for what’s comming up next… The full video will be done in about 1 or 2 months. It takes a really long time to edit a video when you have other stuff to do, and we have so much material that we need to go through. We have been filming a lot of things that we have been doing and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!! I really hope you like it. I feel so happy and emotional when I see the video. It has the best trip I have ever done in my life, and I feel so lucky that I got to share it with Oscar. Can’t wait for our next adventure!! Now tell me: Did you like the teaser?  Love, N

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Shorts & Top: Subdued // Bag: Bershka (Here) // Jacket: Old from a store in Gothenburg // Sunglasses & Shoes: SubduedOMP_9521

Hello from a sick Natascha… Woke up with fever and pain in my ears. Just what I needed before going to Madrid. I really hope I’m better tomorrow because I really want to go! I have been sleeping the whole day hoping to get over this… #desperategirl haha. I hate being sick! Well, who doesn’t?

Anyway, this is a look from yesterday. I personally love the stripes & red lipstick combo. The outfit is very simple but I think that the lipstick plays a big part in this look. I have really missed taking outfit pictures, so I’m back on track!! Thank you for all your comments yesterday, I enjoyed answering them! You guys gave me so many ideas, I have to thank you for it!! Love, N