19:35 | September 22, 2015


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OMP_9837OMP_9885OMP_9876OMP_9844OMP_9831OMP_9854// Random pictures from today

Hello babes! Just came home..Today we have been shopping & eating…alot. One of my favorite spots in Barcelona is Zen Zoo, the drinks there are so funny & delicious..You have to try the purple drink they have with these jelly stuff inside, I always take the same but I have no idea of what I’m drinking haha. I have to start packing since we are leaving 4 tonight..Can you guess where we are going? We have actually not told anyone yet (except our parents)..the reason is that we were not sure if we would go or not since I have been so sick..But we are going to Aaaaafrica, Tanzania! It’s Oscars birthday next week so we will celebrate it there. Wiho, I’m so excited! By the way do you like these kind of pictures? Love, N


9:51 | September 22, 2015






Good morning babes! I’m going to meet up with Oscar soon and we are going to do some shopping. He is perfect in many ways but not when it comes to shopping. Why do boyfriends always have to make you feel stressed when you are shopping? Seriously! I can feel him rolling his eyes behind me when I’m looking through the clothes. He is only satisfied when the shop has a chair haha… which according to him is not so usual and shops should invest on that matter to keep boyfriends happier. I bet it’s not only Oscar, like every guy in the world? Anyway today he has no choice mohaha… We are leaving for some days tomorrow and the both of us need new clothes. I’m much better today, we went to the hospital yesterday and the Dr. said that I have a big infection in my ear and throat so I got antibiotics. I also googled around what to do if you have a ear infection since I had a pain from hell yesterday, so I slept with a piece of garlic in my ear tonight haha! And the pain is actually gone… so I guess it worked. Love, N

8:57 | September 21, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ
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Shirt: Subdued (link here) // Jeans: Bershka // Shoes: EGO (here) // Bag: Bershka (here)// Sunglasses: Mango

Good morning babes! I’m feeling much better today. I felt much better yesterday also..so after 5 days laying in bed Oscar took me out for a dinner. I felt like a human again haha. I was wearing this yesterday and I’m so in love with the shirt. I can’t wait to style it in different ways. I’m going to rest today as well since we are leaving Barcelona for some days on Wednesday..I will eat alot of vitamins and drink alooot of tea (which I don’t mind since I love tea)..That was the only  thing I bought from Sri-Lanka haha!  Thank you for all you kind tips by the way so sweet that you took your time trying to help me!! What do you think about yesterdays outfit? Love, N

11:51 | September 20, 2015




#Old shitty webcam pictures..

Hello babes! Sunday, fun day..or not. Oscar is away with his best friends so I to the opportunity to big clean our apartment and make som small changes here and there. The living room is so cosy now! When we came home Oscars parents had a gift for us..One of these “camera lamps” (picture here) I love it and it fits perfect in our living room. What are you guys up to? I’m still not 100% good yet so I will just stay home and relax today..Talked with one of my best friends before about making a video podd? I don’t know if it’s called like that..But you know discuss about different subject and so on..Would you watch it if I did haha? I’m going to continue cleaning now. Have a nice day! Lots of love, N

18:06 | September 19, 2015


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It was a really long time ago since I posted something related with interior and I have got mails and comments about so I will start posting some inspiration pictures again! If you like it comment or press the little heart in the corner! I love interior and I can spend hours on pinterest, going through all these interior pictures haha..Then I start a makeover in our home..Oscar loves it I promise (not). Anyone that does the same? After 1 year in this apartment we are almost done..well that’s what we thought. I will start a new project in 2 weeks! I will take a before and after picture of my new walk in closet! I’m so excited for it! Love, N