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OMP_0494Sand bankOMP_0608Lunch break on a small islandOMP_0530We saw alot of dolphins as well!OMP_0452Oscar took this beautiful picture today..If someone asked me whats your favorite picture Oscar has taken – this would be the one. 

We just came home from a “Aqua safari”..We have been snorkeling, jumping from boats & we saw alot of dolphins..aaand I have been a bit sea sick haha. No but a great day. Seriously it was like jumping into a  freaking aquarium..so many beautiful fishes, sea stars..I get like crazy when I see it, it’s really one of the best things I know. I love being in the water watching those beautiful creatures. Tonight it’s full moon party with Videnda Travel! It will be so fun, I just need to rest a bit. Love, N

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  1. Roci on

    Hello! I am not used to comment on blogs, but I am going to Zanzibar this Chritsmas and I was wondering if you could tell me the best things to do over there and where this sand bank was! (was it somewhere the aqua safari trip drive you? or did you just discover it walking?) Thank you very much! 🙂


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