17:28 | September 29, 2015



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Hello babes! We only have 1 more day so we are really enjoying the last hours here. Yesterday we checked in here in White Sand Villas and it’s soooo cozy! I could stay here forever hehe..We rented bikes today and went on a small adventure around here and after that we went to the beach. It was so much fun! We stopped in a local resturant and met so many kind people. The group went home yesterday but me and Oscar booked 2 extra days. It’s his birthday today and we are celebrating it tonight! Love, N


Hej finisar! Vi har bara en dag kvar så jag vill verkligen ta vara på tiden här. Igår checkade vi in här på White Sand Villas, så himla mysigt! Jag hade lätt kunnat stanna här föralltid hehe. Idag hyrde vi cyklar och cyklade runt här på ön, träffade så himla fina människor! Gruppen vi bott med åkte hem igår men jag och Oscar valde att boka två extra dagar..Han fyller år idag så vi ska fira det ikväll! Love, N 


8:30 | September 28, 2015




When we woke up yesterday the sea was gone. Not gone, but the shore was 200 hundred meters away than normal..It was crazy, and so beautiful. Today is our last day here in Melia and we are off to White Sand hotel..I have so many nice pictures to show you guys! Can’t wait to get home and edit some new stuff! Love, N


16:34 | September 26, 2015



OMP_0494Sand bankOMP_0608Lunch break on a small islandOMP_0530We saw alot of dolphins as well!OMP_0452Oscar took this beautiful picture today..If someone asked me whats your favorite picture Oscar has taken – this would be the one. 

We just came home from a “Aqua safari”..We have been snorkeling, jumping from boats & we saw alot of dolphins..aaand I have been a bit sea sick haha. No but a great day. Seriously it was like jumping into a  freaking aquarium..so many beautiful fishes, sea stars..I get like crazy when I see it, it’s really one of the best things I know. I love being in the water watching those beautiful creatures. Tonight it’s full moon party with Videnda Travel! It will be so fun, I just need to rest a bit. Love, N

19:59 | September 25, 2015



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Hello babes. We are a group of  12 people partying, eating dinner, doing activities here. I’m sorry if the update is not the best these days..We are seriously out from the morning until late at night..I just came home from a party and I’m really tired since we have been doing water activites today. The first day (yesterday) we stayed at Milele Vilas which is a environmental friendly villa. It was so nice & cosy there, I really liked it. We also visited Stone Town which was emotional, I recommend it if you ever visit Zanzibar. We have moved in to Melia Hotels which is a spanish chain. Loooving it here! Going to sleep now, long day tomorrow. Our favorite thing – snorkerling! Love, N

16:58 | September 24, 2015



OMP_9901Tired girl in NairobiOMP_9903Collecting these stamps..OMP_9909Best travel partner in the world with all his camera stuff. Can’t wait to spend your birthday here! 

Hello from Zanzibar! I’m so excited to be here with Melody & Videnda Travels (link here) . It has been a day filled with activities so I will show you a lot of pictures tomorrow since we have a group dinner tonight in 30 minutes and I have not showered since yesterday hehe. My first expression of this island is WOW. Has anyone been here? Zanzibar has always been a dream so it feels a bit unreal that we are here. I’m a bit stressed right now but I just wanted to check in here and say hi! HIIIII! Love, N