14:58 | August 11, 2015

The Sea Turtle Hatchery



Today we visited  The Sea Turtle Hatchery close to Unawatuna. I have been here before but I wanted to show Oscar these beautiful creatures of Sri-Lanka. It’s a place for turtles that had been injured by boats, animals and needs help to survive. It’s not expensive to see these little precious creatures swimming around waiting to be realeased into the sea, around 5€ per person. They also have many old turtles that are injured and they are reeeally big and so beautiful, but very hard to take pictures of since they like to stay under the water. Unfortunately only 1-2% of these baby turtles survies the sea, many people/animal takes them before they have even entered the sea as well.I felt so bad looking down at these babies thinking that not many here will survive..But I guess it’s the circle of life. Anyway a great experience, and you can also donate money for food and so on to the turtles. Love, N

9:41 | August 10, 2015


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Hello babes. We just arrived in Unawatuna, my favorite place in Sri-Lanka. We booked a room at Cantaloupe Hotels (link here), I will write about all the places and adventures we do since so many of you have asked about it. So far we are sooo happy with this hotel and it was even nicer than the pictures. Such a beautiful view and the staff is amazing. The weather is not so good today so we will book a time for some spa now and later we will go out and eat dinner. I hope the weather will be better tonight becuase I really want to enjoy the golden sunset here. Love, N


6:55 | August 9, 2015


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Another day in Colombo! Tomorrow we are off to Unawatuna for some days, my favorite place in Sri-Lanka! Now we are going to a shopping center called Majestic City..love the food there as well! Yesterday we went and saw the local markets, ate Sri-Lankan food with my relatives and went to a tempel. Oscar is loving it so much and that makes me so happy! I guess this is not our last time here.  Love, N

9:21 | August 6, 2015



THANK YOU for all the comments!!! You have NO freaking idea how happy you have made me AND Oscar. I don’t know where to start I didn’t expect you to be so freaking sweet! Me and Oscar has been reading all of your comments and mails the whole morning. What you think means so much to me and I was so happy to read all of them, almost. Always one negative fish in the sea, which makes me sad. How can you be mean to someone you don’t even know, when I’m actually doing it for my readers? We film everything we do almost but we always keep the videos for ourselves. This video took around 35 hours to make..It took a while because we didn’t plan to do it, but looking through our go pro when we came home from Menorca we thought why not make a small video for my readers. Especially since I updated so bad when I was there..I was not sure if I wanted to post it or not, but I’m SO happy I did. And I will keep on doing it for you guys. It makes me happy to see that you like it! Now we are going to Sri-Lanka & Thailand – See you there!!  Lots of love, N

17:43 | August 5, 2015



Magic moments with him. As I have told you Menorca was one of the best trips I have ever done, it was really amazing! This video is a little sum up of our days in Menorca, but also from some of our adventures outside Barcelona. So my question is, more videos like this? I would love to continue but only if you like it. If you are from Germany and can’t see the video, don’t worry it’s comming up on another chanel for you! Lots of love, N