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Magic moments with him. As I have told you Menorca was one of the best trips I have ever done, it was really amazing! This video is a little sum up of our days in Menorca, but also from some of our adventures outside Barcelona. So my question is, more videos like this? I would love to continue but only if you like it. If you are from Germany and can’t see the video, don’t worry it’s comming up on another chanel for you! Lots of love, N

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  1. Alyssa on

    Alltså…. WOW!! Underbar video vilka fantastiska själar ni är och ändå känner jag er inte 🙂 wow wow wow
    Du strålar av lycka. Och din skönhet är bländande!!!! Massa kärlek från en tjej i gamla härliga Göteborg 😉

  2. Zsófia on

    This video is stunning! All the adventures look incredible and you’re a beautiful couple! Please do more videos like this! 😉 love from Hungary

  3. http://www.nouw.com/moaw on

    Men fy vad ni är duktiga och inte minst otroligt vackra tillsammans! Vill verkligen berömma er båda för vackra foton, videor och underbara inlägg, verkligen en stor inspiration i den grå vardagen. Kram!

  4. Masha on

    This video is beyond amazing Emelie! It is so perf. I would looove to watch more videos like that:) You two look so happy! Love xx

  5. Marie on

    So sad that i can’t watch it in germany, nur i’m looking forward to see it!
    I wist you both the best! And btw you’er such a beautiful women

  6. sarah on

    I want to see the video

    “Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music from UMG, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA.”


  7. Emitazlover on

    Well,not bad ! Hahah,kidding, so so perfect!!
    So perfect couple :))
    Such a nice idea to keep memories
    Big fan of yours !!
    Love ya so much ♥

  8. Edita husiq on

    This video is BEAUTIFUL 😍it is amaizing and it kinda motivates me for a healthy fun life and for adventures and all that kinda stuff..i just started following you emita and I am so thankful for that because you really give me that motivation for living a life you will remember
    Love you❤️❤️
    (Btw I am from ulqin,montenegro)

  9. Wafaa on

    Waaw i can’t imagine the amount of work for this video but the result is STU-NNING during 4min i was smiling like an idiot 😻

  10. shine from indonesia on

    i reallly loooooove this video are amazing adventures. really love much much much >.<
    make want having like u also Em.. love love ( ^3(^-^)//

  11. Samantha the Swede on

    Helt fantastisk video! Vill även göra en själv när jag besöker barcelona 🙂 vet du vilka kameror Oscar använt :)? puss x

  12. andabia on

    Hallo! I live in Germany, and cannot see the video.. 🙁 but i really really want it!!!!
    When i see the pictures about you and Oscar, i know, true love exists.
    Love ur blog!

  13. andabia on

    I live in Germany and cannot see the video.. 🙁 but i really really want it!!!!
    When i see the pictures of you and Oscar, i know, true love exists.
    Love ur blog!

  14. Nikki Isabella on

    I’m from the Netherlands, doesn’t work for me either! I’m guessing wwhen it’s available for Germany it will also be available for the Netherlands right? Very curious to watch it ! Love from overseas xxxxxxxx

  15. Laura on

    This is so beautiful! I’m not going away on a holiday this year but because of you I just felt like I went <3 Thank you for that! You guys are such a beautiful couple, I hope to have a love like yours someday. Kisses from Holland!

  16. Evelyn on

    Hej, jag ville bara säga att jag tycker att du är otroligt vacker och jag är så glad att du lyssnade på ditt hjärta och flyttade till Barcelona. Man märker verkligen hur mycket ni älskar varandra, jag beundrar er kärlek, ni båda strålar. Det var säkert flera som tvivlade på er under dessa år men riktig kärlek klarar allt. Jag önskar er det absolut bästa!
    Filmen var helt fantastisk, mer sånt!

  17. Zala on

    This is such a beautiful video! You guts are so perfect together! I wish you guys so much love, happiness, joy and everything! Hope you stick together for a lifetime:) ❤❤❤😘😘😘

  18. Tilini on

    This video is beyond beautiful..the love and passion you guys have for each other can truly be seen..this is the kind of adventurous life I want to share one day with my partner..xoxo

  19. Fierza on

    Åh, mysigaste och lyckligaste videon jag nånsin sett! Seriöst, det pirrade i magen av den hahaha älskar att du är så kär och lycklig! Kom och säg hej snart!

  20. Claudia on

    Totally love this video! I enjoy seeing your posts, and thanks for sharing a bit of your life… Best wishes and blessings to you and your beautiful relationship with Oscar 🙂


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