7:00 | July 7, 2015



The happiness I felt when I came in to this room. Such a beautiful and uniqe hotel we found in Menorca, it was not really like modern luxury more like a very bohemian/rustic/minimalist/marrocan style all over the place (different styles in every rooom). When we saw it on the internet we knew that we wanted to book it haha..The hotel was only free for one night since it was fullbooked and that’s the reason why we also rented their house and apartment – which I’m SO happy that we did because they were really great as well. The house was Oscars favorite. It was no problem to book the hotel,house and apartment since it was all beside eachother. We booked all this through Grupe El Carme click HERE. They have very fast service and answers within 24 hours which helped us alot with our bookings in Menorca. I was a bit worried when we booked so many different things but it was so easy, and they helped us with the bags and everything. So I really give it a 10/10 which is not often. I hope that this posted help the people that wanted to book a hotel in Menorca. Love, N

18:31 | July 4, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ
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Shoes: H&M // Romper: Calais Apparel, but I DON’T recommend it because it was so short in the back and I could only use it for the pictures. Find similar jumpsuits here.

Hello brown legs? I really fell in love with Menorca, I mean I love Barcelona but Menorca was m a g i c..The nature, beaches – everything was just amazing! I’m not a big fan of skyscrapers or city stuff, I really prefer cosy and calm small towns and beaches, so Menorca was just perfect for me. We are already planning to go back there very soon. Aah it hurted a bit in the soul when the plane took off..We wanted to stay some more days! Loved this little town, I got a little Santorini feeling in there. Love, N

12:14 | July 2, 2015



Link to the hotel/apartment/house: HERE (GRUPE EL CARME)

Here is a small part our appartment! We also booked it through Grup El Carme here in Menorca. The last two nights we are staying in the appartment that is called “Bohemi” (They have different concepts in each appartment like “seaman” or “rustic”, but of course I chose the bohemic!) I thought I wanted to move into the house they offered us for the first days, but I have changed my mind: This appartment is amazing! The good thing with their booking is that the house, appartment and hotel are just 1 minute from eachother, and located in the main centre of Ciutadella, such a cosy town, specially at this time of the year. Everything has been so fresh and easy with the booking so I really recommend them if you are going to Menorca. The friends I know that has visited the island has not been so lucky with their hotels/apartments so I thought we would end up the same – but I feel so lucky. Already planning to come back in the middle of September! Love, N