7:36 | July 11, 2015


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OMP_8852Nya bilder4OMP_8863OMP_8881OMP_8869-2-2OMP_8932Skirt: Zara (Bought it last winter, but I saw it today on sale! // Shirt: H&M // Shoes: Adidas Superstar // Snapback: Borrowed it from Javi

We are sitting in the car on our way to Costa Brava, Amanda, one of my closest friends here in Barcelona has invited me and Oscar to lunch today. I have never been in that part of Costa Brava so I’m really excited! What did you think about todays pictures? I never mix black & white with colors but I felt a bit creative today and I think it looks quite ok..Just wanted to say thank you for all the comments. I will answer every single one of them when I find a free hour, these days has been so stressful. And I can see that on my skin, when I stress alot my skin becomes a mess. And no I can’t answer 2-5 then I feel bad about the others haha..So I prefer answer 20 comments in 1 hour instead. Be patient, I think I will find time on Sunday. Tomorrow I will be away the whole day. Lots of love, N


9:20 | July 10, 2015



OMP_7073-2 OMP_7118You & Me

It’s soon 3 years ago since I met this guy for the first time. A warm night in Barcelona august of 2012,  I had no idea how important he would be to me, he made me start a new chapter in my life that I have enjoyed so much.  I found my best friend and got a second family here in Barcelona.

We have not travelled so much togheter since we  had to travel to each other for 2 years. But it’s time for that now. This trip to Menorca was my gift to him after everything he has done for me this year even though he deserves so much more. Everything from helping me with my studies, the blog, my mood swings haha, helping me with important decisions, editing pictures and so on. I’m also so proud of him for passing every single subject in his master degree in law while working with Acnur and me. You are the best!! Ceeeelebration time come on!