7:56 | July 14, 2015



OMP_8693 OMP_8694 OMP_8705Pictures from Menorca

I can’t get over how amazing Menorca was..It was something really special with that island. If we have time we are going back in September. I guess it’s even better then and less tourists. Anyway, today we are going to Vilanova, but first we are going to buy some food since Amanda & Nacho are joyning us later. We had such a fun day with them in Lloret de Mar the other day, so we thought why not repeat everything again. Vilanova is such a cosy small city with a nice beach..Yes you might have noticed that me and Oscar likes to escape from Barcelona once in a while..Love, N

16:41 | July 13, 2015


OMP_9186OMP_9146OMP_9192Namnlös exportOMP_9194OMP_9168OMP_924948a748c6527cb10d53dd4fc5d9e9bd7b

OMP_9181OMP_9204My bikini: Amore & Sorvete

Just came home from a really amazing day with Óscar. The place is called Gorgs de Campdevànol, it’s north of Barcelona and it takes around 1,5 hour to get there and the easiest way to go there is by car. We went there really early in the morning, it’s a very popular place to go and we felt like we wanted to be alone at least some hours so we left Barcelona 7 this morning. It was so beautiful there and I really recommend it if you want to discover the nature outside Barcelona. Love, N

4:10 | July 13, 2015


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_9058PicturesOMP_9109OMP_9090OMP_9022Shorts: 7 Shores // Top: Bikbok // Shoes: Pull&Bear // Watch: Triwa (here) // Sunglasses: Mango

Love these pictures that we took the other day, I love the light..and Oscar really knows how to catch it in the pictures. Today we are going to swim in waterfalls and eat breakfast in  the mountains..Something I have wanted to do for a while now. So Ripoll here we come! We will be away the whole day. The camera is ofcorse comming with us.  Love, N

10:18 | July 12, 2015


By Oscar Minyo

OMP_7964-2OMP_7934OMP_7949OMP_7938OMP_7960Pictures by: Oscar Minyo

Good morning. Oscar took these photos of me in Menorca..I still have alot of pictures from there..It just sucks that both of our computers has more or less crashed and given up on life.(I guess because of all the pictures haha)..So the editing takes so much time right now which sucks. Anyway the water in Menorca was magic, the nature was magic..everything was just perfect with that little island. I’m in love with the mediterranean.