14:34 | July 18, 2015


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Yesterday it was time for some shopping and I went to one of my favorite shops Subdued in Barcelona yesterday and came home with alot of new stuff. It’s a bit different from Bershka, Stradivarius and Zara and all the other typical brands here in Barcelona. A bit boho, retro..just a perfect shop for me with other words. All the items are from Subdued minus the bag, it’s from Zara (on sale!), I bought it the other day. I only own black hats, so it was time for a brown one, perfect for the summer! We are working with our new computer today, I have alot of stuff to learn. Love, N


Igår var det dags för lite shopping och jag gick till en utav mina favorit affärer Subdued och kom hem med massa nytt! Den affären sticker ut lite jämfört med Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara och de andra typiska märkena här i Barcelona. Lite boho, retro..en perfekt affär för mig med andra ord. Allt på bilden är från Subdued förutom väskan som jag köpte inne på Zaras rea häromdagen. Jag äger endast svarta hattar så nu var det dags för en brun, perfekt till Sri-Lanka! Vi håller på att jobbar med våran nya dator idag och jag börjar inse att jag har maaasssa att lära mig hehe. Love, N 

20:10 | July 17, 2015


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I’m in love with my new bag from Zara, bought it on sale the other day. I have thought about showing you what I shop here on the blog, would you like that? I have finally bought a new computer as well so now it will be more fun to edit pictures and videos for you guys! I have been so lazy with the pictures latley because of my slow computer – but now I will be back on track! I will also start writing in swedish again since I have many followers from Sweden and since it’s my mother tongue. Love, _____________________________________________________________________________

10:03 | July 17, 2015



Just came home from a killer workout, I’m going to jump into the shower now and later I’m off Barcelona. As you might now I live a bit outside Barcelona in a city called Cornellá. I love it here, we are very close to Oscars family as well which is nice. Anyway we are going to buy a new computer today and also pass by some showrooms, my favorite shop Double Agent is on the list today! I have to hurry up now. Love, N

10:06 | July 16, 2015


By Oscar Minyo


The sun is shining..like always here in Barcelona. I’m a bit tired of it..I’m starting to miss a bit rain and fresh air, I neeever thought I would say that haha..I’m always dark, but my dad gave me some really strong swedish genes, except my whole face (i look totally like my dad) my shoulders are burned and the skin is falling of..I’m feeling like a snake..So I have to protect myself from the sun a bit these days. I don’t want to end up looking like a little shrimp with alot of skin falling of before the photoshoot next week. Going out with Oscar now! Love, N

20:24 | July 15, 2015


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Hello babes! Sorry for the bad update these days, I’ve  had so many things in mind and I have alot of job before Sri-Lanka and Thailand in 3 weeks so I’m really stressed. But tomorrow I will write down a schedule to follow, I hate when I don’t blog good for a day! I will try my best to at least post 2 everyday. Anyway it’s around 30 degrees here in Barcelona so this outfit was not the best opption today, two waterfalls under my armpits that’s for sure haha..Sorry for the information. I’m going to watch Game of Thrones now..Love,N