15:31 | June 12, 2015




So he took me here the day after my birthday. we went kayaking in Congost de Mont Rebei. It was so fun even if I couldn’t swim (because of my tattoo). But we are going back in July, I can’t wait until I can jump from those cliffs as well. One of my favorite places in Spain, it’s really beautiful, around 2 hours from Barcelona. We went there last year as well but last time we went hiking in the mountains.

16:31 | June 10, 2015


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I have recived so many mails/comments lately about my diet. As you might know I avoid pasta, bread, sugar and junk food and I eat alot raw food, fruits, veggies and I drink alot of smoothies.  Some days I cheat, but I don’t feel bad about cheating once in a while since I more or less always eat healthy. Eating healthy for me is not only about how my body looks, I eat clean because it really makes me feel better, my skin gets better and I feel good inside my body as well.

My training rouitine is yoga/meditation every morning, running outside and going to the gym. I don’t follow a schedule when it comes to training, but I make sure to train at least 4-5 times in a week. I also see it as my “own time” where I can relax and just focus on feeling good and myself. I hope you got your answer, if you have any questions ask me here on the blog. Love, N

20:22 | June 9, 2015



IMG_8652Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset// Happy girl before doing my first tattoo. My outfit is from: Shoptobi 

Yes..I was really happy before doing my tattoo last week, it was a birthday gift from Óscar. As you saw it was a lotus flower and it stands for many different things. As you know I’m 50% Sri-Lankan, and it’s a symbol in Sri-Lanka so it felt more than right. I have to get a swedish viking tattoo on my stomach as well othervice my dad would be so disappointed, joking. Anyway no I didn’t think it hurted so much..I guess it’s different from person to person but I have had worst pains. Love, N

17:31 | June 8, 2015


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What’s the best thing about Oscar? Answer: That he is so kind, caring, smart and has a amazing wild spirit. I have grown so much as a person since I met him, he is my best friend.

What’s your next trip togheter? Answer: Next stop is Menorca, France and after that Asia for almost 2 months.

Where did you meet? Answer: Summer of 2012 when I was on vacation in Barcelona.

For how long time did you have a distance relationship? Answer: 2 years. Then I moved to Barcelona.

Are you living togheter? Answer: Yes we are, 8 months of hell..No I’m kidding haha. He is so easy to live with. Love waking up next to him.