18:20 | June 21, 2015



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I just came home after a day in Garraf, it was full of people and just when we thought it was impossible to find a parking we found one. So we spent our day there, I love the beach there but since I still have that stupid infection I couldn’t swim but it’s a very cosy small town a bit outside Barcelona. Tomorrow we are going to Torredembarra, I’m in love with that city and it reminds me so much of our first real vaccation togheter, the summer of 2013. I enjoyed it so much and I was a bit sad that we didn’t go there last year but tomorrow we will go! Love, N


9:48 | June 21, 2015



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Hello babes! Some pictures from my swedish midsummer here in Barcelona. We were over 100 people celebrating the midsummer in Parc de la ciutadella here in Barcelona. It was so much fun and as I have said before it’s one of my favorite swedish traditions, and I loved it when I was a child. People were so happy and we ate alot of good food..Well good and good, we ate some of our traditional dishes as you can see in the pictures, and you eat it more or less only when it’s midsummer (and Christmas). I don’t know what these things are called in english so I’m going to skip that part hehe..Anyway if you ever go to Sweden make sure to go there around the 19 June, it’s amazing! Our go to Barcelona haha.. Love, N

13:37 | June 18, 2015




Julia is comming over soon and then we are off to the Double Agent event tonight, so fun! She came home 3 days ago and I have not met her in 6 months so we will have some catch up time today. I’m not on top these days since I have an urine infection from hell, if it’s not over tomorrow I will have to go and see a doctor..And yes I have been drinking alot of water with pressed lemon juice, cranberry pills but it’s still hurting, BURNING..I miss my mother everyday sinlge day but it’s especially in these moment you want you mommy to take care of you haha..I remember in March when I had the flue I wanted to buy a plane ticket for my mother so that she could take care of me, I guess you are never to old for your mothers love. Sorry for sharing that information haha.. Love, N

18:39 | June 17, 2015


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As you already now I’m really into basics slash the boho style..And here is my Levi’s collection,  you can buy many of these shorts in Arizona Vintage Clothing (click here). They have the Levi’s Vintage 501 which is the model I’m crazy about. These shorts are seriously perfect and has been my favorites since 3 years back. I have the size 32/34 and 24/25 in the waist. Love, N