13:14 | June 29, 2015


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OMP_5146Nya bilder3OMP_5154OMP_5152OMP_5175

Top: Le Salty // Shorts: Shop Tobi // Shoes: Pull & Bear // Bag: Primark

We have taken so many pictures here in Menorca, I can’t wait to show you guys! It’s really amazing here..It’s just sad that people throws plastic and shit to the nature in some places, it makes me really angry. Anyway, Oscar is picking up his brother and Raquel from the airport now and then we are off to the sea! Love, N


16:41 | June 28, 2015



Menorca is AMAZING. I’m in love with this island, why have I never been here before?! Someone asked where I’m staying and we booked through Group El Carme since it looked so different compared to the other hotels. You can choose to stay in their hotel (Tres Sants Hotel), apartments or houses and since it’s close to eachother we booked 1 night at the hotel, the minimalistic house and the bohemic apartment. I can’t wait to show you guys pictures of the house because it’s amazing!! I want to move in here haha..Maybe also because we got such a nice welcome when we arrived. Tomorrow we are picking up Oscars brother and his girlfriend from the airport so the four of us will be living here in the house, it will be so cosy! Going out to take today’s outfit now. Love, N

20:54 | June 26, 2015




Sorry for the bad uppdate today, I came home 7 this morning and had 100 things to do today. We are still packing and we have to wake up at 4.30..fun! We are going to Menorca tomorrow morning. Oscars brother and his girlfriend are joyning us after 3 days! Love, N

12:31 | June 25, 2015



OMP_5074Nya bilder1OMP_5094OMP_5055OMP_5102Shirt: H&M // Shorts: Arizona Vintage Clothing (here) // Shoes: Pull&Bear // Bag: Primark // Sunglasses: Stradivarius

Thursday – fun day! Going out with some friends later tonight, we are going to Bubblic bar and after that Sutton. I have to go and buy some stuff since we are going to party in my apartment before. I will keep the music on the blog since so many of you liked it! That made me so happy because it takes alot of time to put it there and it’s s easy to turn if off if you don’t like it..I loved that one reader said that it gives you feelings when you see the pictures – that’s what I wanted. The music is typical music that we use when we sometimes take pictures or when we do our roadtrips. Love, N