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Hello babes! I’m sitting here with a sticky skin and alot of salt on my body, I shall jump in the shower now and answer some of your questions and comments later. We went to the beach today as you can see in the pictures, oh my it was warm! It really feels like summer now, I love it! Tomorrow I have 100 things to do, just like every Monday. I reall recommend Garaff if you are living close to Barcelona. It’s a small beach, but it’s really nice as you can see, we are not big fans of Barceloneta beach in the city so we always go to the beaches a bit outside the city. LOVE


Hej finisar! Jag sitter här med klibbig hy och massa salt på hela kroppen, ska strax hoppa in i duschen och sedan svara på era kommentarer och frågor. Idag åkte vi till stranden som ni kan se, det var riktigt varmt! Det är verkligen sommar här i Barcelona. Imorgon har jag 100 saker att göra, precis som varje måndag men ser fram emot min to-do list. Jag rekomenderar verkligen Garaff om ni bor nära Barcelona, det är en liten strand men väldigt fin som ni kan se. Vi är inga fans av Barceloneta stranden som ligger i centrum, utan vi åker alltid till en stränderna utanför Barcelona.  LOVE


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  1. sana on

    hey i love your blog 😀 especially your pictures <3

    i'm also sri lankan can you tell how you remove your hair ? with razor ? or epilator ? because i have so much problems with my body hair especially with ingrown hair and also i have to handle with strawberry legs … it's so annoying when i always see your flawless skin haha -.- <3

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello haha, not the first time I get this question..
      My mother is from Sri-Lanka and she has no hair at all on her body..I got it from her, except that my arms are a bit hairy.
      I shave my legs with a razor! Hugs


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