5:40 | May 19, 2017

New smoothie recipe!


Hello babes! A couple of days ago I recorded this video with my 3 favourite smoothie recipes! I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you are going to try any of them! I’m in Vilanova with Oscar, and yesterday it rained the whole afternoon. Today we have a blue sky so we are going to eat breakfast somewhere. Love, N.

9:58 | May 16, 2017



Jacket: Zara // Pants: Guess // Bag: Balenciaga // Shirt: H&M // Sunglasses: Forever21 // Boots: Dr Martens

Hello babes! I hope you are fine. I have been recording the whole day and tomorrow the schedule looks the same. By the way I’m maybe going to L.A again in the end of the month, wihoo! Back to my favourite city. And then we are going straight from L.A to Paris. Got so many plans for May/June it’s quite crazy. By the way do you like the look? I’m in love with these red pants, it’s from GUESS new collection. I’m going to pack now, we are off to Vilanova tomorrow and on Saturday it’s time for a Tommy Hilfiger event in Madrid. Love, N

17:22 | May 11, 2017



A different kind of Q&A, I hope you liked it! When I first did this video I started recording it sitting on the sofa (the typical Q&A video) and stopped after 2 questions and decided to record it the day after instead during the whole day. I just wanted to make something different, including some cinematic scenes etc..The video is quite “raw” the answers are the first thing I answered. Oscar was so disappointed with best childhood memory (when I got a hamster). I know it can sound so sad but all I wanted when I was young was a animal haha..Like it was the happiest day ever, I couldn’t even sleep the first day I just wanted to be with my little hamster hahaha..I remember that day as such a happy day! Love, N 

21:16 | May 8, 2017

GUESS x EMITAZ interview


A small interview during my campaign photoshoot with GUESS!! 🙂 I was super nervous during this interview I don’t know why, normally I’m really chill haha..But I guess it went ok! 🙂 

14:04 | May 7, 2017



Hello babes! Here comes a spring look book, some mixed looks from both LA and Barcelona! I hope you liked it. And by the way..WE ARE 100 000!!!! <3 Thank you guys for following me on my Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not. Next up will be a Q&A! Love,  N